Our project

A sustainable urban plan

Urban sprawl was the preferred means of growth for Montreal’s metropolitan region for the last 50 years. Projet Montréal intends on repositioning Montreal at the center of its own regional, economic field of activity and offer its citizens housing that is adapted to their needs, an offering that will be delivered through public transport, proximity of services and neighbourhoods of human scale, so that they stay in Montreal.

A sustainable, economic prosperity

While the regions to the north and south continue to experience economic growth, Montreal’s economy is stagnating. Suburban growth is having a direct impact on the City’s economy and impoverishment. It is Projet Montréal’s will to reignite Montreal’s economy by slowing down the urban exodus, counting on sustainable transportation, stimulating investment and consolidating the numerous economic assets from which Montreal currently benefits.

An exemplary cultural scene

From a cultural perspective, Montreal possesses great potential. However, the City’s current leadership is not up to the task. Projet Montréal urges the City to take a leadership position for the cultural sector, integrating cultural perspectives in the urban development strategy as well as protecting Montreal’s urban, architectural and historical heritage.

A renewed democracy

Decades of corruption and lack of transparency have undermined Montrealers’ confidence towards elected public officials. Project Montréal wishes Montreal to be a city where democracy thrives and where residents are not just considered as tax payers, but citizens in the full sense of the term, directly involved in the decision-making process.