Marianne Giguère

Borough Councillor, De Lorimier district

Borough : Plateau-Mont-Royal

Marianne GiguereWith a degree in geography and in education, Marianne Giguère is interested by the issues of urban land management at all levels. She loves collective leisure equipment, small public places, urban agriculture, wide sidewalks and well-equipped parks. Ms. Giguère is places a strong emphasis on active and collective mobility. She is particularly concerned by social and economic diversity and wants to keep not only families in the Plateau-Mont-Royal, but also its “historical” residents, including the elderly and less fortunate.

A Plateau-Mont-Royal resident for the last fifteen years, Marianne Giguère has been involved with various citizen committees that all wish to make the street a human scale meeting place, where generations cross paths and cohabit harmoniously. Her latest work with a committee for student safety travelling around the school her children go to led to concrete changes.

On a professional level, her work as a specialised educational councillor in the integration of technology in history and geography classes allowed her to develop both her teaching and adapting capacities. A choir singer and percussionist, she was also a member of two key musical formations in the Plateau-Mont-Royal, solidifying her roots in her neighbourhood.

Marianne Giguère has been a Projet Montréal member and activist since the beginnings of the party.

She is vice-president of the City Hall public works and transport committee and is Projet Montréal’s Urban agriculture, Cycling and Green critic.