Andres Larrea

City Councillor
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Andres Larrea is an environmental scientist and anthropologist specialising in the study of socio-ecological conflicts and integrated territorial management. Originally from Peru and having grown up in Saint-Léonard, Andres has worked in the conservation of coastal territories in the Magdalen Islands and Quintana Roo, Mexico. Currently a doctoral candidate at UQAM where he works as a researcher, Andres has experience in coordinating research and intervention projects in the environmental sector. A firm believer in the need for scientific research and political action to go hand in hand, and understanding the importance of a healthy environment for the quality of life of citizens, Andres aims to address the challenges of urban adaptation to climate change.

Andres Larrea intends to support the creation of social housing, a food market and a micro-forest in Saint-Léonard. He also wants to launch a campaign to make the borough greener and reduce the number of demineralised areas to fight against the heat islands that affect the east of Saint-Léonard. He also believes that a greater collaboration between the borough council and social action groups for youth is necessary.

Andres Larrea
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