Anh Dao

Borough Councillor
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Born in Canada, Anh is the second of five children of a first generation Vietnamese-Canadian family, who arrived in the early 80's in search of a better life. She grew up in low-income housing in Little Burgundy and moved to the borough of LaSalle after graduating from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Mathematics. She specialized in handling people’s pensions and worked in this field for over thirteen years. In the last year, Anh started her own business and has since opened three restaurants with her family. Her sense of civic duty and service to the community has always been part of her values, and she is now making the leap into municipal politics with the goal of improving the quality of life of citizens.

She has lived in LaSalle for thirteen years, the last ten of which have been filled with challenges as she represents and defends the interests of her neighbourhood, especially in terms of urban planning and safety. She is therefore very aware of the issues that newly established families in LaSalle are experiencing. She wishes to contribute to projects that will improve the safety of LaSalle residents while promoting sustainable development and the greening of the borough.

In her spare time, Anh volunteers with Sun Youth and Les Amis de la Montagne.

Anh Dao
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What motivates Jean-François Lefebvre's team for Projet Montréal in LaSalle is a deep desire to do more for the environment, culture, transportation, safety and the local economy. We want LaSalle to draw on the strength and richness of the diversity of its residents' lives and experiences to build a more resilient and equitable borough that reflects our community. Through a collaborative approach, Jean-François' team wants the borough's 76,853 residents to thrive with safe and inclusive facilities and infrastructure for today and tomorrow.

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