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Born in Hong Kong and having spent part of his life in Saskatchewan, Ben is a Montrealer at heart who enjoys an unusual life and career path that is rich in varied experiences. After completing a Bachelor of Education degree at the University of Regina, he began his career as a grade 6 teacher in Saskatoon. Later, fueled by a desire to contribute more and get involved at the international level, he seized the opportunity to join Canada World Youth and accompanied groups of Canadian and Quebec youth volunteers in social and community development projects in Nicaragua and Honduras. In 2015, he decided to join IBM's Talent Acquisition team where he quickly rose through the ranks to the position of Director - Talent Acquisition. In addition to completing his MBA, Ben coordinated an international team supporting IBM's corporate clients operating in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. As of May 2021, Ben continues his leadership journey with TELUS Health and TELUS Quebec in his role as Director of Talent Acquisition where he works to advance TELUS Health's efforts to improve the accessibility of digital health to all Quebecers.

Passionate about community development, his intellectual curiosity and desire to make a difference, Ben has been involved in the Montreal community since his arrival in Quebec in 2011. He was the president of the Canada World Youth employees' union where he negotiated a new collective agreement in 2014. From 2018 to 2020, Ben was also a director on the board of the Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC) which is the voice of independent documentary filmmakers in Canada and Quebec, bringing together and strengthening the documentary community.

Always looking to do things better, Ben loves to test new methods and implement new solutions to better meet people's needs. His parents live in LaSalle and he often visits them by taking the bike path along the canal. Ben wants to contribute to and build a more resilient and equitable borough that draws on the strength and richness of the diversity of LaSalle's people's lives and experiences.

Ben Chung
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What motivates Jean-François Lefebvre's team for Projet Montréal in LaSalle is a deep desire to do more for the environment, culture, transportation, safety and the local economy. We want LaSalle to draw on the strength and richness of the diversity of its residents' lives and experiences to build a more resilient and equitable borough that reflects our community. Through a collaborative approach, Jean-François' team wants the borough's 76,853 residents to thrive with safe and inclusive facilities and infrastructure for today and tomorrow.

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