Claudia Servant

Borough Councillor
District de l'Est
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Claudia has a background in urban planning and is very passionate about it. She believes that sustainable urban development is essential for a healthy and vibrant community life. Her convictions for the environment and the "Right to the City" have inspired her to work in different sectors.

Claudia was a mobilization officer for the Comité de revitalisation urbaine intégrée de Saint-Pierre, in Lachine, where she promoted citizen involvement and dialogue with various local organizations in order to revive neighbourhood life and make it more friendly.

At Les Ateliers Ublo, Claudia was also a consultant in territorial redevelopment. She supported the design and management of projects related to sustainable water management and worked on local policy analysis.

She also worked at the University of Quebec in Montreal as a teaching assistant in the field of regulatory affairs, allowing her to put to good use her interest in governance issues.

Claudia's academic and professional background makes her an open, sociable and committed person. She has a very optimistic outlook on the future and that of the city of Montreal."

Claudia Servant
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