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City Councillor
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Is this Sud-Ouest City Councillor a Franco or an Anglo? Craig Sauvé feels like a Montrealer first and foremost. He devours media and arts from both cultures - and even in other languages. He feels privileged to be as comfortable on CJAD as he is at Paul Arcand's. A committed citizen, this West Island native has been a city councillor since 2013, proudly representing Saint-Henri-Est-Petite-Bourgogne-Pointe-Saint-Charles-Griffintown, where he has lived for over 15 years.

As he walks around his district, his eternal smile on his face, Craig takes the time to listen, and advise people who call on him, directing them to the right resource. He learned this concern for transparency and proximity from former federal MP Hélène Leblanc, for whom he worked as an attaché. When he entered active politics, he realized that things move more quickly at the municipal level, where the dynamics are different and allow for direct contact with his fellow citizens.

Craig wants to involve these residents even more in the governance of their borough. He encourages citizen participation and helps the people of the Sud-Ouest to focus their actions effectively. According to Craig, more public consultations are needed, but also more popular initiatives, supported by elected officials. In the same vein, he works every day towards better two-way communication between the borough and residents, as well as better information sharing, including for educational purposes.

Craig has been a grassroots activist since his teenage years in the progressive movement. He has always fought for the environment, social justice, urban planning, sustainable development and transportation. It is therefore only natural that he is now an associate councillor for housing on the executive committee, vice-president of the commission on social housing at the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal, and also vice-president of the STM. We also owe the declaration recognizing Montreal as a city of excellence for heavy metal music to this trained musician!

Craig has lost none of his motivation to fight for the transformation of Montreal through innovative solutions, such as an ecological transition that promotes local commerce and support for changes in the way the city is designed. Another goal close to his heart is to make a place for Black, Indigeneous and racialized people and to act as a concrete ally for these communities. As the administration did with renaming Amherst Street, Atataken (in Kanien'kéha, the Mohawk language), Craig wants to see a real partnership with Montreal's cultural communities to promote their languages and arts. In fact, Councillor Sauvé speaks 10 languages himself, including German and Mandarin; for Craig, this is all part of the flavour of our metropolis.

Craig Sauvé
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