D-yana Bommier

Borough Councillor
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I reside in Pointe-aux-Trembles, but I live in Montreal North.

At a very young age, the Maison des Jeunes l'Ouverture was a place of reference and a place where I did my first hours of volunteer work. In the district of Ovide-Clermont, there, I was reconciling myself with the taste and smell of my grandmother's cooking while strolling around the markets of Pascal-Lapierre street.

Passionate, I read most of the books at the local library. It is thanks to books, theatre, music, and sports -such as basketball and soccer- that I have travelled throughout Quebec.
As a child, I benefited from the SPVM's "vers le pacifique" program at school. Over the years, the advice of my peers has guided me.

I am the fruit of all these neighbourhood institutions. Those that allow young people to become active citizens.

As a community professional, I have developed an expertise in social intervention and public relations. As a psychosocial community worker serving socially and economically vulnerable citizens, I have developed skills in community development and listening that can benefit citizens on multiple fronts: childhood and family, mental health, and helping those who suffer from domestic violence.

Today, I am proud to be the coordinator of a group of 8 organizations in Montreal-North that aims to better coordinate interventions to improve the living conditions of citizens from Black communities.

I am deeply involved in issues relating to domestic violence and the development of children from 0 to 5 years old. Our children and our families deserve better.

There is a place for all citizens of Montreal North. I am convinced that my mixed background, being a pure product of Quebec, with roots in Montreal North and the colours of my culture of origin, consolidates my identity as a Montrealer.

I am a student in Child Studies at Concordia University. I enjoy dancing, sports from tennis to golf, bungee jumping, skydiving and hiking. Green spaces belong to everyone and I want to fight for that on a daily basis.

I want to tell our young people that Quebec carries us and that full citizenship is within their reach. Together we will value living together, because the burden that Montreal North carries is beyond ethnicity.

D-yana Bommier
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Projet Montréal's candidates in Montréal-Nord have invested heart and soul in the community and have, over the years, built strong ties with the borough's residents.

Will Prosper, the candidate for borough mayor, is a filmmaker, a community organizer and a human rights activist. His work and achievements are incontrovertible.

His team is made up of Fatima Gabriela Salazar Gomez and D-yana Bommier, respectively candidates for City Councillor and Borough Councillor in Ovide-Clermont, as well as Mathieu Léonard and Ana E Meija, respectively candidates for City Councillor and Borough Councillor in Marie-Clarac.

The council's priorities include local economic development; support to Montreal's youth, notably through the creation of a sports center; improving conditions and access to affordable housing; rapid access to the rest of the city by public transit as well as the creation of more pleasant and greener living environments, including the reduction of heat islands.

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