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In her work at the Office of the Chief Scientist of Quebec and the Quebec Research Funds, Fanny Magini has been actively working to raise awareness among civil society and various decision-making bodies of the importance of evidence-based decision-making, as well as to take academic research more into account. She wanted to contribute to building a more just society and a sustainable city, and so in 2017, she fully committed herself to the ecological transition by getting elected as borough councillor for the Jeanne-Sauvé district in Outremont.

As soon as she was elected, Fanny brought traffic calming solutions to the issues of road and intersection safety, particularly around the parks and schools in her borough. She actively supported the pedestrianization of Dollard Avenue for the students of Guy-Drummond and Stanislas schools. Fanny is also involved in the pedestrianization of Bernard Avenue, which is proving to be a great success with merchants and residents of Outremont. She also set up the Culture and Business Citizen Committee, which allowed her to establish strong ties with Outremont's business associations and cultural organizations. During the pandemic, Fanny supported local merchants by, among other things, promoting home delivery, the implementation of health corridors and three buy-local campaigns. In collaboration with numerous community players, she is also working on the realization of the Outremont Borough Cultural Development Plan 2021-2026, which will establish the borough’s new orientations in its deployment of cultural activities. The renovation of the cottages in Pratt and Joyce parks are other important achievements, allowing for a better range of services to the population.

A proud Spanish speaker, Fanny, along with her colleagues Josefina Blanco and Magda Popeanu, is organizing Latin American Heritage Month in Montreal in October 2021. The fight against racism and systemic discrimination is particularly important to her, as is the representation of different cultural communities within the Montreal administration. Fanny believes that elected officials have a responsibility to advance the cause by adopting fair and equitable policies. Her great sensitivity towards these issues certainly comes from her grandparents who fled to the south of France during the Spanish Civil War.

It is in this spirit of openness that Fanny is contributing to building the relationship between the administration and the Hasidic Jewish communities in the borough. Her team works to ensure that members of all minorities feel like full-fledged citizens of Outremont by, among other things, consulting them upstream on decisions that affect the borough, communicating with them on an ongoing basis and including them in all activities organized by the borough. Fanny works hard to support every initiative that will improve the daily lives of her fellow citizens in her district and in all of Outremont.

Fanny Magini
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Family, safety and ecology: that’s the vision of Projet Montréal Outremont. Jill Lance, Fanny Magini, Valérie Patreau, Mindy Pollak and Philippe Tomlinson will implement the ecological transition. The plan is to make streets greener and safer, increase “soft mobility”, make parks greener by adding trees, flowers, fruits and vegetables, develop sports facilities, improve cleanliness, support our community organizations, schools, childcare centres and businesses, and improve relations between the different communities through dialogue. Projet Montréal’s multidisciplinary team hopes to continue its actions while enhancing Outremont’s built and natural heritage.

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