Geneviève Delisle

Borough Councillor
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Geneviève Delisle is a special education teacher by training, she works with 15-year-old students who do not have the skills required for junior high school. She has to find placements for each of her students, which allows her to be close to her community. She listens to the needs of the various West Island authorities with whom she places her students. Geneviève is sensitive to differences and works to ensure that everyone finds their place.

Geneviève was a member of the post-mortem committee that was formed following the floods that affected the borough. She also animated the information evening on the same theme alongside the mayor. She participated in the elaboration of the citizen's guide in order to prepare them to face possible future disasters of this kind. Geneviève has personally experienced the spring floods of 2017 and 2019, and is therefore sensitive to the reality of citizens facing these issues and would like to continue her work with all residents of the borough.

Geneviève has been involved with Mayor Marinacci's team for Projet Montréal since the 2017 elections.

She grew up in Kirkland and has been living on Île-Bizard for 12 years. Mother of four children, she would like to share with her fellow citizens the experience she has gained over the years, especially by developing more activities. The country character and the preservation of green spaces appeal to her and she would like to continue the excellent work already started in this regard.

Geneviève Delisle
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For the next election, outgoing mayor Normand Marinacci, presents a renewed and dynamic team comprised of citizens from all walks of life. They have the future of their community at heart.

Several years of citizen involvement have shaped Île-Bizard─Sainte-Geneviève’s living environment, but the work is not over!

The Marinacci team has a clear vision for the protection of the environment and the rural character of the borough, to benefit future generations. Recreational and sports facilities for all residents, as well as mobility and safety, will also be among the team's priorities.

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