Mirian Perez

Borough Councillor
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Mirian Perez came from Brazil with her husband, their suitcases, and the dream of living adventures in another country, in another language, while escaping the uncertainties of their home country.

With two Master's Degrees in Education from McGill University, she is currently an ESL teacher at the CEGEP, elementary and secondary school levels (CSDM); as well as a lecturer at McGill University.

Mirian enjoys helping people through volunteer work. Recently, she gives free flowers on the street and snacks to the homeless every Saturday with friends.

Thirteen years and two children after moving here, she is still happy to reside in the city she calls "the most beautiful city you could choose to live in." She loves Montreal and is ready to serve her community of Pierrefonds-Roxboro as a Borough Councillor.

Mirian Perez wants to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety, as well as continue to preserve the beautiful green spaces in Pierrefonds-Roxboro.

Mirian Perez
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