Nathan Dratler

City Councillor
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A proud Montrealer, Nathan Dratler split his childhood between France and Canada, and has always been very involved with his fellow citizens. Since his time at Cégep Marie-Victorin he has been involved in the community, whether it be with student life in Montreal North, with elderly citizens in Villeray or with vulnerable members of the LGBTQ community in the Centre-Sud. These experiences have allowed him to develop his attentiveness and sensitivity towards those in need. In light of the current housing crisis, Nathan is working to support those who are most vulnerable—single mothers, immigrants, Indigenous citizens, and people experiencing homelessness—in order to promote both inclusion and the diversity that enrichens Saint-Léonard. A supply of healthy food also being major issue, he believes it necessary to support projects related to the development of urban agriculture. His professional experiences lead him every day to look rapidly for solutions, in order to respond to the immediate needs of his fellow citizens. For Nathan, teamwork is essential to help expedite projects, and it is for this reason that he will consult with residents of Saint-Léonard to move forward on social projects in the borough.

Nathan works as an early-childhood educator, and holds a diploma in educational methods and an AEC specializing in inclusivity in childcare services. For him, it is important to take the opinions of children into account so as to better reconfigure parks and green spaces, as well as to make roads and alleys safer and more accessible for the wellbeing of children and families.

Given the cultural and historical wealth of the borough, it is important to protect Saint-Léonard’s existing heritage and to encourage cultural accessibility and popularization. Nathan also wishes to work with businesses in the community in order to develop and sustain the local social economy and create a resilient and welcoming living environment for the residents of Saint-Léonard.

Nathan Dratler
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