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6 minutes 20 seconds: that's how long it takes Philipe Tomlinson to walk from his home to Borough Hall. This proximity is part of what convinced him that municipal politics is where you can make the biggest difference in a short period of time. Philipe was elected mayor of Outremont in 2017 with the goal of putting families first and giving back public space to its citizens.

Outremont is a great place to live, with its many green spaces and services for residents. However, when Philipe took office, the former town needed a good dusting after too many years of passive elected officials and a rather distant relationship with City Hall. As a graduate in management and sustainable development, Philipe could see that staff had become underappreciated over the years and so he got to work rebuilding strong ties with managers and public service workers by soliciting and making room for their input.

The Projet Montréal team also established closer contacts with community organizations in Outremont and improved relations with the Hasidic Jewish communities; a long-term process that continues to require openness and sincerity.

Among his legacies, Philipe is proud to have revived, due to their heritage value, the park cottages that had been abandoned for decades. He is also pleased with the increased safety of the streets as well as the greater financial autonomy that Outremont now enjoys, achieved by increasing the borough's own revenues.

Philipe hopes to sheperd the borough towards a just ecological transition, something that will undoubtedly be one of the greatest challenges in the years to come.

Philipe Tomlinson
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Family, safety and ecology: that’s the vision of Projet Montréal Outremont. Jill Lance, Fanny Magini, Valérie Patreau, Mindy Pollak and Philippe Tomlinson will implement the ecological transition. The plan is to make streets greener and safer, increase “soft mobility”, make parks greener by adding trees, flowers, fruits and vegetables, develop sports facilities, improve cleanliness, support our community organizations, schools, childcare centres and businesses, and improve relations between the different communities through dialogue. Projet Montréal’s multidisciplinary team hopes to continue its actions while enhancing Outremont’s built and natural heritage.

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