Stephanie Soussamian

Borough Councillor
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Born and raised in Montreal, Stephanie is a civil engineer specializing in construction project management. After graduating in 2005, she worked for a Fortune 500 North American company for nearly 10 years on large construction projects in Montreal, Newfoundland and Chicago while pursuing a Master's degree in Engineering. In 2014, Stephanie worked for Ryerson University in Toronto, managing large renovation projects while completing her MBA, before returning to Montreal in 2017 to raise her family.

Stephanie and her family were charmed by the beautiful, bucolic landscape and lush natural parks of Île-Bizard and decided to settle on the island. The conservation of these green spaces is what led Stephanie to become involved in the preservation of the North Ridge Forest, an initiative for which she launched a petition that led to the purchase of this land, annexed to the Great Western Park. This experience and her concern for the rural character of Île-Bizard motivated Stephanie to become involved in politics and to address the challenges facing her borough.

Stephanie will draw on her extensive professional experience in both the private and public sectors, as well as her desire to improve the quality of life of borough residents, to guide her actions. Preserving green space, promoting her beloved island and family activities are at the forefront of her mind.

Stephanie Soussamian
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For the next election, outgoing mayor Normand Marinacci, presents a renewed and dynamic team comprised of citizens from all walks of life. They have the future of their community at heart.

Several years of citizen involvement have shaped Île-Bizard─Sainte-Geneviève’s living environment, but the work is not over!

The Marinacci team has a clear vision for the protection of the environment and the rural character of the borough, to benefit future generations. Recreational and sports facilities for all residents, as well as mobility and safety, will also be among the team's priorities.

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