Tania Goitiandia Moore

City Councillor
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Tania Goitiandia Moore is an educator, doctoral student and mother of two young children. An allophone immigrant to Quebec as a teenager, she has integrated easily into the community, first in Montreal and then in Ville Saint-Laurent, for the past 15 years.

Caring about and identifying with immigration issues, the status of women and the well-being of children, Tania has held various positions, such as teacher for newcomers, local economic development advisor, consultant and NPO volunteer. She is a member of various boards of directors, such as CPEs, and currently holds a seat on the Centre de femmes de Saint-Laurent.

Research assistant at UQAM and actively involved in school and community life, Ms. Goitiandia Moore is completing a doctorate in educational sciences at UQAM and is interested in children's rights education through artistic and cultural practices.

Tania Goitiandia Moore
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