The City of Montreal launches its 3rd participatory budget

22 Feb 2024


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The City of Montreal announces the launch of its third participatory budget, a flagship tool for public participation and citizen involvement that offers Montrealers the opportunity to participate directly and concretely in the development of the metropolis and its neighborhoods.

For the next fiscal year, starting in February 2024, the budget envelope will be increased by $15 million, bringing the total envelope to $45 million, of which a minimum of $10 million will be reserved for projects that specifically address the needs of young people, as set out in the Montréal model for a safe city (in French). This third participatory budget is based on the themes of youth, equity and safety. In particular, it aims to ensure equitable access to municipal infrastructures (parks, green spaces, sports arenas, etc.), to create complete living environments that promote the development of the Montreal population, and to meet the needs of young people under 30. To be selected, proposed projects must include collective interest, long-term sustainability, technical feasibility and the possibility of realization by the City.
"The City of Montreal's participatory budget allows Montrealers to have their say and directly influence the city's future. It's a democratic exercise that's essential to improving the fairness and inclusiveness of the City of Montreal. I invite the population to get involved in large numbers and share their ideas for improving our neighborhoods and their quality of life. We are proud to put the aspirations of the population at the heart of our priorities," declares Montréal Mayor Valérie Plante.

"During the second participatory budget, over 650 ideas were submitted and more than 17,000 people took part in the vote. Of these, 5 projects representing a total investment of $31.5 million will be implemented. The participatory budget makes it possible to shape our urban future and build a city in our image," points out Magda Popeanu, responsible for organizational performance, citizen participation and democracy on the Ville de Montréal Executive Committee.

The participatory budget process will be spread over several stages:
  1. Collecting ideas | February 19 to March 25, 2024
  2. Project analysis and development | April to August 2024
  3. Feasibility analysis and submission of projects for vote | Autumn 2024
  4. The vote | Winter 2025
  5. Announcement of winning projects and start of implementation | Spring 2025

How can you get involved?

The city encourages participation by anyone interested in Montréal's future, regardless of age, and makes it easy to submit ideas online through Making Montreal. In fact, a webinar (in french) open to the public will be held on February 27 from 7 to 8 p.m. for those curious to learn more about how the participatory budget works and how to contribute. Ideation workshops will also be organized in collaboration with community organizations. These workshops will be held primarily in neighborhoods with a high level of vulnerability, as identified by the Living Environment Equity Index, to ensure that participants are as representative as possible.