We seek a mixed and inclusive living environment, with housing and jobs for all, and neighbourhoods with local shops and services as well as a rich and vibrant community life. We want to democratize culture and support citizen initiatives. Our priority is maintenance of municipal facilities: streets, parks, buildings, etc. We are committed to offering quality services to all social groups in an environment that favours the reduction of GHGs and our ecological footprint, to ensure our resilience to climate change.

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We want neighbourhoods with local shops and services, and a rich community life

  • Provide access to three sport, recreational or cultural activities within 1 km of your home

  • Nun’s Island : Build a multi-purpose indoor or outdoor ice rink and modernise the Nun’s Island Library.

  • Wellington-de l’Église : Convert the rooftop of the multi-level parking lot into a universally accessible public space, and continue the necessary steps for a library.

  • Desmarchais-Crawford : Restore the Natatorium and renovate the municipal greenhouses

  • Improve animal management services : awareness campaigns, dog parks, wildlife management etc.


We want a mixed and inclusive living environment with housing and infrastructure for all

  • Plan for an indoor pool and a footbridge above the St-Lawrence to link the Nun’s Island and the Wellington - de l’Église neighborhoods.

  • Improve the cleanliness and maintenance of parks and buildings, and integrate a dedicated public works team on Nun’s Island

  • Set aside land for the construction of 600 social housing units

  • Strengthen the monitoring of abusive ‘“renovictions’’

  • Set up a program to defer taxes for modest income homeowners


We want to ensure that our transportation infrastructure is optimised and made safer

  • Improve safety for vehicle and active transport : speed, intersections, speed bumps, etc

  • Continue repairs to the street network : LaSalle blvd, Hickson st, Galt st etc

  • Upgrade the active transportation network : link with Gilberte-Dubé, Bonaventure axis, Verdun st, path behind Chemin du Golf, path along the aqueduct

  • Implement new bus routes and connections to the REM station on Nun’s Island

  • Install an elevator the the De l’Église metro station to ensure universal accessibility

  • Offer free public transit for the elderly

  • Facilitate electric vehicle charging


We want to support and promote a healthy local economy

  • Promote local purchasing to sustain and improve local businesses

  • Support the economic vitality of the Place du Commerce, promenade Wellington, Verdun street

  • Further develop local food production

  • Encourage social and circular economy

  • Create a welcoming climate to attract workers and businesses who are involved in the community

  • Invest in innovative and creative industries and cultural endeavors


We want to improve the greening of our neighborhoods and protect the local biodiversity

  • Protect the accesses to green spaces found within 500m from your residenc

  • Greening of streets, back lanes and parks to combat urban heat islands and sewer overflows

  • Pursue further actions that improve biodiversity : micro-forests, fruit tree plantations

  • Adopt a riverbank management plan : planting, erosion control, wildlife management etc

  • Reduce food waste and reduce the production of garbage