Montréal adopts PPU for Faubourgs de Ville-Marie

10 Jun 2021


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Valérie Plante, Mayor of the Borough of Ville-Marie and Montréal, today announced the Faubourgs Special Planning Program (SPP), which will be submitted for adoption at the next City Council meeting. The result of a rigorous public consultation process, implementation of the results of this important urban planning process represents the beginning of a new chapter for this key area which will, in the near future, be transformed into a living environment on a human scale, friendly, inclusive, sustainable and open to the St. Lawrence River.

"By adopting the Faubourgs PPU, we have reached a historic crossroads for the future of the district, which is both a tightly woven neighbourhood with strong identities and a rich history, and also a gateway to the city," said Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montréal and Ville-Marie. “As soon as Projet Montréal took office, we were determined to launch this major project to plan the future of the faubourgs and fuel the growth of the metropolis. We are proud to announce the results of this work, which is a true springboard for developing inclusive, greener, more dynamic neighbourhoods conducive to active transportation and transit, that will attract a diverse population and thousands of new jobs.”

Welcoming new, complete and diversified living environments with housing for all, including families, green spaces, schools, community centers, shops and offices, these are some of the objectives targeted by the PPU. The Mixed Use By-law and the advanced agreements reached with certain developers will ensure a mixture of housing. Already, more than 800 social and affordable housing units have been secured, with construction of some units to begin in the coming year.

“Redeveloping and revitalizing such a large area in a manner consistent with the community's aspirations was quite an order, but nonetheless an ongoing priority for our administration," said Sophie Mauzerolle, city councillor for the district of Sainte-Marie in the borough of Ville-Marie and the person responsible for urban planning, the Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM) and the electrification strategy on Montréal's executive committee. “After multiple consultations that led to this ambitious planning result, we are taking action and opening a new page in the history of the faubourgs. But participation of residents does not stop here: it will continue throughout implementation, in the governance structure that will be put in place, in the design of new public spaces to come, and in the various community projects that will enhance our beloved Centre-Sud.”

Promising changes

The Faubourgs PPU proposes major transformations, anchored in a bold vision that places people at the heart of urban development objectives. Among the advances that will transform the Faubourgs are:

  • The arrival of thousands of new homes, including social, affordable and family housing;
  • Developments that promote ecological transition and active mobility, with seven new bicycle links, six new public parks totaling nine hectares, and the creation or redevelopment of green and peaceful streets;
  • Restoring access to the river for Centre-Sud residents, with the development of a 1.2-hectare central park bordering a new riverfront promenade and an improved west-to-east link to an expanded Pied-du-Courant Park;
  • Consolidation of local commercial arteries and the commercial fabric, creation of three employment hubs and the arrival of 15,000 new jobs;
  • Conversion of the entrance to the Ville-Marie Expressway into an urban boulevard, west of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge;
  • Civic hubs, with schools, sports and community facilities;
  • An entrance to the Jacques Cartier Bridge that is better integrated with the neighbourhood and a reconnected Parc des Faubourgs; and
  • Protection and enhancement of local heritage.

A Special Planning Program (PPU) that takes into account citizens' expectations

Presented following two stages of public consultation at the OCPM in 2019 and 2020, the actions proposed in the draft Special Planning Program for the Faubourgs sector were analyzed by the Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM) commission. The latter also reviewed all the opinions heard and all documents submitted by the public during the consultation. The analysis and recommendations contained in the consultation report were then reviewed by the borough of Ville-Marie, which is now presenting an adapted version that takes into account the comments expressed by members of the community.

In addition, as with any park to be modified or created in the borough, their implementation will include a participatory process. The projects that will be the subject of a public consultation will be announced on the Réalisons Montréal website, with information widely disseminated by the Borough, in particular on its social networks and its web page at

The public consultation documents can be found online at the following OCPM web page:

The Programme particulier d'urbanisme des Faubourgs and related documents can be consulted online at the following Web address:'urbanisme-ppu-des-faubourgs.

Monitoring of implementation

Several governance bodies will monitor implementation of the PPU and its various projects, including a monitoring committee. Each of the major projects of the PPU will be monitored by the main stakeholders as well as by community representatives concerned by their implementation. In addition, the Comité d'accompagnement des grands projets de Centre-Sud (CAGPCS), financially supported by the borough, will continue in its role — mobilizing, co-ordinating and putting community representatives in touch with the main PPU project holders. Finally, information will be shared with the public through an annual public presentation and through publication of content on the project Web page.