The City of Montreal officially inaugurates L'Octogone library

13 May 2024


Go back to NewsThe City of Montreal officially inaugurates L'Octogone libraryRendu architectural de la bibliothèque L’Octogone, par Anne Carrier Architecture. Source: (Groupe CNW/Ville de Montréal - Cabinet de la mairesse et du comité exécutif)

Ericka Alneus, Executive Committee member responsible for culture and heritage, accompanied by Mathieu Lacombe, Quebec Minister of Culture and Communications, and Nancy Blanchet, Mayor of LaSalle, officially inaugurated the L'Octogone library on Friday, in the presence of architect Martin L'Hébreux of Anne Carrier architecture, and artist Karilee Fuglem.

Accessible for over 40 years, the L'Octogone library has benefited from a stunning modernization, making it a destination of choice, conducive to reading, knowledge and leisure: a library very much of its time. The needs of the population have evolved over the last few years, encouraging the City of Montreal to review its offer of services and spaces adapted to the reality of the neighborhood. The expansion and renovation project is in line with this desire to offer quality services within infrastructures that are inclusive, accessible and environmentally responsible.

The library offers its users spectacular, bright new spaces, as well as a renewed collection. L'Octogone gives pride of place to comics, with an extensive collection housed in the center of the library, alongside a workshop dedicated to artistic discovery and creation for all.

L'Octogone now seats 350 and boasts magnificent terraces, a café run in partnership with a local company, 4 TV-equipped work rooms, a space designed for teenagers and a collection of over 1,150 games and toys. Finally, perched at the top of the staircase is the space in my bubble, for secluded reading.

The result of an architectural competition, the library was designed by Anne Carrier Architecture - Labonté Marcil in consortium S.E.N.C.. Landscape architecture was designed by Rousseau Lefebvre, while engineering services were provided by Les Services EXP inc.

The work En Circulation was created by artist Karilee Fuglem following a public art competition, in accordance with the Quebec government's Politique d'intégration des arts à l'architecture et à l'environnement des bâtiments et des sites gouvernementaux et publics.

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"I'm proud to inaugurate this reinvented facility today, as part of Montreal's cultural development agreements. Investing in libraries means investing in our culture and in our young people," said Mathieu Lacombe, Quebec Minister of Culture and Communications.

"The inauguration of the L'Octogone library confirms that libraries can be modern, avant-garde places that make a difference in the community. This new signature library will help provide additional quality services to the neighborhood, while facilitating access to culture and fostering a sense of belonging. This project testifies to our administration's commitment to offering quality infrastructures in all of the city's boroughs," enthused Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montreal.

"The Octagon library's history is the story of citizens of all origins, ages and backgrounds. They are a reflection of our borough: welcoming, vibrant and enriching. As mayor of LaSalle, I'm proud to have seen our library grow and to see it continue to shine. I'm also proud to be writing this new chapter with the people of LaSalle," said Nancy Blanchet, Mayor of the Borough of LaSalle.

"All the professionals and my team are very proud and privileged to have been able to design and reinvent L'Octogone so that it becomes an urban landmark as well as a structuring, innovative and perennial civic and cultural hub for the city. These spaces, conceived with and for the people of LaSalle, are a testament to the collaboration and consultation of the City's teams and the public, who dreamed up and imagined the new library before entrusting us with the mandate to make it a reality. We hope that this achievement will enable this flagship institution to continue to flourish and welcome the entire community, in all its richness and diversity. Now that the project is born, it can begin to live and inspire future generations," says Anne Carrier, Anne Carrier Architecture.

"I'm really proud that my art is part of such a beautiful and generous project as the Octagon Library," said artist Karilee Fuglem.

Le projet de 44,9 M$ de la bibliothèque L'Octogone est financé dans le cadre de l'Entente sur le développement culturel de Montréal conclue entre la Ville de Montréal et le gouvernement du Québec. La bibliothèque L'Octogone a été développée dans le cadre du Programme de rénovation, d'agrandissement et de construction des bibliothèques (RAC), qui a permis de construire ou de moderniser 7 bibliothèques depuis 2013 : du Boisé, Benny, Marc-Favreau, Saul-Bellow, Pierrefonds, Maisonneuve et L'Octogone, sur un réseau qui en compte 45.

The bold signature of these projects is the result of multidisciplinary architectural competitions, an approach that draws on the best practices and trends in innovation, architecture and design. The new libraries are adapted to the needs of their environment and blend harmoniously into their surroundings.

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