The Sud-Ouest invests in the revitalization of its commercial arteries

06 Aug 2021


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In order to support the economic development of its territory, the Sud-Ouest borough has made it a priority to invest in the revitalization of its commercial arteries. The borough will renew its financial contribution of $100,000 to PME MTL Grand Sud-Ouest to continue the Commercial Diversity Support Program for 2021-2022. It will grant $37,417 to the Association des commerçants de Pointe-Saint-Charles (ACPSC) for its project to beautify Centre and Wellington streets with the installation of street furniture.

"The commercial arteries of the Sud-Ouest are facing major challenges in terms of their vitality and commercial mix. The situation is becoming even more acute in the context of a prolonged pandemic, causing certain vulnerable businesses to close," explained Benoit Dorais, Mayor of the Sud-Ouest borough and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the city of Montréal. These investments are mainly aimed at helping and encouraging the creation of a diversified and quality commercial offer. These measures are necessary to support the economic recovery and contribute to the quality of life of its residents.

The Commercial Diversity Support Program

In addition to its usual support for the Sociétés de développement commercial (SDC) and the merchants' association, the borough has implemented numerous measures directly targeting its main commercial destinations: Notre-Dame Street West, Centre Street and Monk Boulevard. This includes the Commercial Diversity Support Program, which has been in effect since 2017. The program aims to encourage the development of new businesses that bring added value to selected arteries.

This new initiative, managed by PME MTL Grand Sud-Ouest, targets the following sectors:
- Notre-Dame Street West, between De Courcelle Street and Côte-Saint-Paul Road;
- Rue du Centre, between Charlevoix and de la Sucrerie streets;
- Monk Boulevard, between Allard Street and Jacques-Hertel Street;
- Wellington Street, between Fortune Street and de la Congrégation Street
- St. Jacques Street, between Atwater Avenue and St. Marguerite Street.

Grants of up to $10,000 will be awarded to each recipient business and, exceptionally, up to $20,000 for an essential business located on Notre-Dame Ouest, between De Courcelle Street and Chemin de la Côte-Saint-Paul. For more information on this program:

Acting now to prepare for recovery

In December 2020, the city of Montréal launched its 2021 economic recovery plan entitled Act Now to Prepare for Recovery. One of the 10 measures in the plan is to support initiatives to revitalize commercial streets that are not served by an SDC.

With this in mind, the Sud-Ouest has chosen the project to beautify Centre and Wellington streets with urban furniture, which is one of the priorities of the Association des commerçants de Pointe-Saint-Charles (ACPSC). In fact, the association has submitted a project to deploy approximately eight benches on Centre and Wellington streets.

The proposed concept of benches has already been tested on Centre Street and is greatly appreciated by merchants and citizens, as it promotes a friendly environment for pedestrians and consumers. For more information:


"True to its mission as a leader in economic development, PME MTL Grand Sud-Ouest welcomes the renewal of the Commercial Diversity Support Program with great enthusiasm! Since 2017, the program has supported the opening of 20 businesses and the creation of 80 jobs. Today, 90% of the subsidized businesses are still in operation and many of them have become must-visit addresses in Montréal's Sud-Ouest. By continuing to support businesses in their commercial development, we are ensuring that the arteries are kept alive, attractive and diversified."

Ms. Marie-Claude Dauray, Executive Director of PME MTL Grand Sud-Ouest

"The SDC Monk is delighted with the involvement of the Sud-Ouest borough in the revitalization of its commercial arteries, including Monk Boulevard. The implementation of a program to support commercial diversity is essential in order to revitalize our neighborhoods. Encouraging new entrepreneurs to make their business dreams come true on their commercial artery and to offer the local population quality local businesses that meet the needs of their clientele is a victory for each SDC. This grant program administered by PME MTL du Grand Sud-Ouest is an added value and support for entrepreneurs, but also for SDCs.

Ms. Marie-Josée Choquette, General Manager of SDC Monk

"For the SDC Les Quartiers du Canal, the next few months will primarily focus on direct action projects for businesses and also unify all the resources available to the neighbourhoods. Our neighborhoods are overflowing with incredible businesses, creative developers and passionate cultural actors who all want the same thing - to make the Canal Neighborhoods shine. That's where we'll be taking action in the coming months. We will help strengthen them so that everyone benefits from a beautiful collective revival."

Mr. Cyrille Bodiot, General Manager of SDC Les Quartiers du Canal

"The Association des commerçants de Pointe-Saint-Charles (ACPSC) is pleased to count on the borough's support to carry out projects that will improve the attractiveness of the commercial sector. The development and beautification of the public domain on commercial arteries will create excitement, promote commercial vitality and improve the shopping experience of consumers and residents of Point St. Charles (PSC)."

Mr. Francis Blouin, Project Manager of the Association des commerçants de Pointe-Saint-Charles