Loger +: The City of Montreal and District Atwater join forces to develop nearly 200 social housing units in the Hickson-Dupuis sector

04 Jun 2024


Go back to NewsLoger +: The City of Montreal and District Atwater join forces to develop nearly 200 social housing units in the Hickson-Dupuis sectorPhoto de George Becker

The City of Montreal is pleased to announce the conclusion of an agreement with District Atwater for the acquisition of land at the corner of Hickson and Bannantyne streets, in the borough of Verdun, to enable the construction of a project comprising nearly 200 social housing units. Under the terms of the $6.7 million financial agreement, the developer will demolish the building on the site to enable the development of a community and social housing project in the heart of a redevelopment area.

This gesture has been made possible by a collaborative effort and a shared desire to accelerate the development of housing projects in the Hickson-Dupuis area, in response to the great need for social and affordable housing in the metropolis. Ultimately, the social housing project will be integrated into a mixed real estate redevelopment project, leading to the creation of over 700 housing units.

The targeted area will undergo a major transformation over the next few years to make way for a vibrant, mixed-use, green new neighborhood where people work and live. It will include :
  • A potential for the construction of nearly 200 social housing units on the land to be acquired by the City;
  • Potential for the construction of nearly 520 housing units on land owned by the developer, of which 20% will be affordable housing and 10%, 3-bedroom units (land owned by District Atwater remains subject to the Règlement pour une métropole mixte);
  • 50% of the private project area is reserved for greening and climate resilience, through sponge landscaping and the planting of trees and shrubs;
  • 500 square meters reserved on building roofs for urban agriculture projects;
  • Local shops within walking distance of residential units;
  • Collective spaces covering 26% of the project area (parks, public squares, etc.).
The specific project for the construction, alteration and occupancy of an immovable (PPCMOI) in the Atwater District is currently being adopted by the Verdun Borough Council. Following this agreement, the borough will proceed with the second reading of the PPCMOI on Tuesday, June 4, for final adoption by the end of June.

“We're delighted with this agreement with District Atwater. It's a real win-win situation that will enable us to respond more quickly and effectively to the urgent need to accelerate the development of social housing projects in Montreal. This collaboration clearly demonstrates that by working together and finding solutions, we can meet the needs of the population, while developing mixed-use living environments. This is exactly what our fellow citizens expect of us,” emphasized Benoit Dorais, Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee and responsible for housing, real estate strategy, property assessment and legal affairs.
“This agreement is excellent news for the community. The legal dispute that has dragged on for two years has prevented any construction project from seeing the light of day on this redevelopment site. At a time when housing needs are crying out in Verdun, we're delighted to put an end to this dispute and get the development of close to 200 social housing units underway,” said Marie-Andrée Mauger, Mayor of Verdun and member of the executive committee responsible for ecological transition and the environment.

“As a committed local developer in Verdun, District Atwater is proud to put its shoulder to the wheel by providing a tangible solution to Montreal's current housing crisis. The agreement reached with the City demonstrates that collaboration between public authorities and developers can lead to concrete projects that enable a real social mix. Our ambition is to transform this industrial sector into a truly urban and inclusive living environment, where housing, green spaces, local shops and several public spaces dedicated to the community will coexist. We look forward to continuing to work with the city to bring this project to fruition as quickly as possible. Alexandre Forgues, President of District Atwater.
About Loger +

Loger + is a series of robust measures to enable the city to house more Montrealers, with a focus on building new units and protecting existing affordable units. Improving administrative processes, enhancing support for NPOs to accelerate social and affordable housing and increasing densities are at the heart of the means used by the Ville de Montréal to respond to the housing crisis. These measures will provide concrete, tailored responses to the recommendations of the Chantier Montréal abordable, set up by the Ville de Montréal to bring together the driving forces in housing, from both the private and community sectors.