Our Neighborhoods are Transforming - More Inclusive, Pleasant, Green, Sustainable and Human-Scale Places to Live

27 Apr 2021


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Ms. Sophie Mauzerolle, associate councillor for urban planning and mobility on the executive committee and City Councillor for the District of Sainte-Marie, broke ground on a project to make Parthenais Street south of Sainte-Catherine Street East greener and more user-friendly. This

also marks the beginning of several redevelopment projects in the borough, designed to create ever more inclusive, pleasant, green, sustainable and human-scale living environments.

"SInce work was required on Parthenais Street to repair the water mains and replace lead water-service entries, we took the opportunity to make significant improvements that meet the needs of area residents," explained Sophie Mauzerolle. “In the coming weeks, work on Parthenais Street will include combating heat islands and traffic calming, increasing vegetation coverage to create cooler areas, widening sidewalks for pedestrian comfort and universal access. Also, the road will be narrowed and sidewalk “bulb-outs” added to reduce traffic speed to a level appropriate for a neighbourhood.”

This project is in addition to those on Coupal Street, de Rouen Street, Versailles Street, Goulet Avenue and, soon, Saint-Christophe Street. The work, provided for in Ville-Marie's 2020-2030 Local Transportation Plan, is designed to ensure the rehabilitation of our infrastructure and streets, and to redesign them according to the guidelines of sustainable mobility and ecological transition.

"In this era of ecological transition, we have a responsibility to create facilities that meet the aspirations of Montréalers, and make neighbourhoods pleasant to live and work in, so that residents can fully benefit from an environment that guarantees their health," added Sophie Mauzerolle. “We look forward to building on this momentum in the future.”

Safer neighbourhoods

In addition to these improvements, more than a hundred actions will be carried out over the next few months to enhance active transportation and make Ville-Marie's streets, alleys and intersections safer. Actions include the addition of bollards to narrow the roadway, speed bumps, as well as sidewalk bulb-outs (see appendix).

Greener neighbourhoods

In collaboration with its eco-neighbourhoods, Ville-Marie is also pursuing efforts for ecological transition with the greening of numerous alleyways. A vegetated alleyway naturally cools the surroundings and reduces the heat island effect. Its appearance is more pleasant and the plants reduce noise pollution. Redesigning an alley improves the living environment, reinforces the feeling of safety, and the landscaping slows down automobile traffic. Among the alleys that will be greened are Atateken, Hawarden, De Lorimier, Labrèque, Larivière and Seymour alleys.

New landscaping is also proposed for the Sainte-Rose passages and in the passages of the Victor-Hugo sector.

All these actions are in keeping with the vision to promote active and sustainable mobility set out in Ville-Marie's Local Transportation Plan 2020-2030.


Actions to be carried out over the next few months to make our neighbourhoods safer:

Addition of speed bumps

  • Bercy
  • Bordeaux
  • Rouen
  • Dufresne
  • Florian
  • Hogan
  • Hôtel-de-Ville
  • Logan
  • Montgomery
  • Place D'Youville
  • Ramezay
  • Sheppard
  • Saint-André
  • Saint-Dominique
  • Saint-Paul
  • Saint-Sulpice
  • Saint-Timothée
  • The Boulevard
  • Wolfe
  • Wurtele

Addition of sidewalk projections (bulb-outs)

  • Montcalm / De Maisonneuve
  • Ontario / Sanguinet
  • du Musée / du Docteur-Penfield
  • de la Montagne / du Docteur-Penfield
  • Sherbrooke / Guy
  • De La Gauchetière / Robert-Bourassa
  • Sherbrooke / Simpson
  • du Docteur-Penfield / Peel
  • Jean-Girard / Atwater
  • des Pins West / McGregor
  • Cedar / des Pins West
  • Ontario / de la Visitation
  • Dufresne / Larivière
  • Fullum / de Rouen
  • Parthenais / Hochelaga
  • Logan / Robin
  • de la Visitation / Robin

Addition of roadway narrowing bollards

  • Bercy
  • Cartier
  • De Champlain
  • Des Érables
  • Florian
  • Hogan
  • Montgomery
  • Plessis
  • Poupart
  • Wurtele

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