Master plan - The City of Montreal unveils its ambitious vision for Namur-Hippodrome: towards the construction of a new city in the heart of the city.

19 Apr 2024


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The City of Montreal today unveiled its Master Plan for the development of the Namur-Hippodrome district, which lays the foundations for one of the most important urban development projects of the next decade, located in the heart of the island of Montreal, in the borough of Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

Dedicated for over 200 years to agriculture, then to equestrian activities, the site of the former Montreal racetrack is destined for a major transformation. Over the next few years, this brand-new living environment will be able to accommodate up to 20,000 housing units for a potential population of 40,000 - the equivalent of a new city in the heart of the metropolis. The master plan calls for the development of 10,000 speculation-free housing units on the site of the former racecourse, representing an historic opportunity to transform the housing and real estate crisis into an opportunity, to the benefit of the metropolis' affordability.

The Master Plan for Planning and Development presented today is the fruit of rigorous work based on several years of public consultation. It embodies the City's ambition for this innovative future eco-district, describing the urban form, street and public space configurations, mobility options and rules that will lead to its construction.

Planning for the district includes :
  • The creation of nearly 20,000 new housing units, half of which will be protected from speculation;
  • A public transit network connected to the metro, including a tramway line, as well as safe, user-friendly infrastructure for walking and cycling;
  • 14 hectares of new parks and public squares, the equivalent of 20 soccer fields;
  • A central park and green belt to maintain biodiversity and combat heat islands;
  • Massive planting of trees and vegetation, as well as ecological water management;
  • Sports, community and cultural facilities, local services and employment areas;
  • Schools, a sports center, a library and a health center.

These developments will meet the needs of the population, as expressed during the numerous consultation and consultation phases.


"Today, we are taking a major step towards the realization of the Namur-Hippodrome eco-district. We are proud to present a clear, pragmatic vision of a new, avant-garde district that is destined to set an example for other major cities around the world. It's also the result of several years of rigorous work with the community and local partners to imagine the transformation of a wasteland into a complete living environment that meets the aspirations of the population: affordable housing, efficient modes of transport, local services and green spaces. We turn the challenges of the housing and real estate crises into opportunities, for the benefit of future generations and the development of the metropolis. By owning and developing this land, we are seizing the opportunity of the century to make this new district a showcase for Montreal's ambitions, particularly in terms of innovation, inclusion and citizen participation."

- Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montreal

"Within a decade, thanks to the leadership of our administration, tens of thousands more people will have access to affordable housing in a neighborhood that will be exemplary in terms of urban planning. This plan is extremely promising for the people who already live in the area, since we want to green the neighborhood, which is currently a major heat island, and plan the infrastructure needed to improve people's quality of life, at a time when it lacks the community facilities to meet the population's needs. A colossal amount of work is also being done to make the Décarie crossing more welcoming and, above all, safer. Thanks to the local expertise that our borough teams and community organizations have brought to the development of this plan, it reflects our shared aspiration for CDN-NDG."

- Gracia Kasoki Katahwa, Mayor of the Borough of Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

Once adopted by the Executive Committee, the Master Plan for the Namur-Hippodrome district will undergo a final public consultation, scheduled for May 2024, with a view to final adoption before the end of the year. Every effort is being made to accelerate the project. The City of Montreal is aiming for a 10-year infrastructure schedule, and will be ready to issue the first construction permits as early as 2025.

To view the master plan and visual bank, click here.