Projet Montréal acts to protect the wallet and dignity of Montreal tenants

27 Sep 2021


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To protect the affordability and quality of Montreal's rental stock, Projet Montréal's leader, Valérie Plante, pledged today to implement a 'Responsable Landlord' certification including a municipal model of a Lease Registry.

Projet Montréal wishes to counter abusive rent increases and the growing phenomenon of renovictions, while ensuring the sanitation standards of the city's rental stock. This certification will be required for landlords of buildings with eight units or more on the entire territory of the City of Montreal, representing nearly 216,000 units.

In concrete terms, the Responsible Landlord certification will :

  • Validate key information for tenants, such as rent prices, building permits and the condition of buildings.

  • Protect tenants against renovictions -since the planned work will be indicated over a 5-year period- while also allowing to certify the necessity of the work;

  • Provide reliable and complete information on a dwelling using open data;

  • Ensure the safety and sanitation of Montreal's rental buildings by requiring pest control plans, fire system compliance, elevator functionality, and mold elimination.

  • Allow the city to tailor its actions and programs to the condition of buildings and the needs of landlords.

  • Simplify the process of finding affordable and healthy housing.


"Projet Montréal is taking a strong action to fight against abusive rent increases and the phenomenon of renoviction. Involving a municipal model of a lease registry, the Responsible Landlord certification will better protect Montreal tenants and existing affordable housing, while ensuring the sanitation of Montreal's rental stock. A wealth of comprehensive, open data information will make it easier for Montreal tenants to find quality housing that meets their needs and respects their wallets. This is a major change that will simplify the lives of Montreal tenants and support them in defending their rights." - Valérie Plante

"Acting on the rental market means investing to allow Montreal tenants to continue living in their neighbourhoods. Responsible Landlord certification comes at a time when housing prices are skyrocketing in Verdun and some landlords are tempted to evict tenants in order to drastically increase the price of rent. For the past four years, Projet Montréal has been actively fighting against insalubrity, and for the affordability of housing. The time has come to go further to support Montreal tenants and better meet the needs of landlords." - Marie-Andrée Mauger, Projet Montréal candidate for Mayor of Verdun.