Lease renewal - Montréal informs tenants of their rights and available assistance resources

31 Jan 2024


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As tenants receive their lease renewals for the coming year, the Ville de Montréal is launching a campaign to inform people of their rights and the resources available to help them. It also wants to make Montrealers aware of the scarcity of affordable housing, which can complicate the process if they wish to leave their dwelling in July.

According to the latest rental market report from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), the housing availability rate has dropped to 2.3% on the island of Montreal. The shortage of affordable housing is a source of stress and can have potentially dramatic repercussions for Montrealers. The island of Montreal also saw the sharpest increase in the number of repossessions, evictions, renovations and undue pressure to terminate leases.

"Abusive increases and fraudulent schemes by some landlords create significant pressure on tenants. For us, it's important to help people find affordable housing and keep it. Our aim is to counter evictions, unjustified repossessions and renovations. In addition to raising tenant awareness, the city is firmly committed to building and protecting as much affordable housing as possible. That's why our boroughs are adjusting their bylaws to prevent renovations, why we're staying the course with the By-law for a mixed metropolis (RMM), and why we're investing $600 million in the creation of new units," says Benoit Dorais, vice-president of the executive committee and acting head of housing, real estate strategy, legal affairs and finance.

Resources for tenants

  • Call on tenant assistance organizations. They can provide you with information and, if necessary, support you in your efforts. To find out how to contact the group working in your neighborhood :
    • Regroupement des comités logement et associations de locataires du Québec (RCLALQ) : 514 521-7114 ;
    • Front d'action populaire en réaménagement urbain (FRAPRU) : 514 522-1010.

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