A senseless real estate project in 2021

05 Feb 2021


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At a time when extraordinary efforts are being made by the City of Montreal to protect green spaces, increase the amount of shaded spaces and fight against heat islands, Projet Montréal thinks it senseless for the borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro to accept the request for exemption of a real estate developer who wishes to cut down a large part of a wooded area of mature trees, in the Bourque woods, in order to erect a 359-unit building complex.

"How can Jim Beis and the Ensemble Montréal team promote this type of real estate development in 2021? While we’re struggling to make our city greener, the other side is chopping down mature trees? It doesn’t make sense, and I totally and completely support the citizens, including Sue Stacho, who are mobilizing to make him see reason", said Robert Beaudry, who is responsible for housing, real estate strategy and large park issues for the City of Montréal.

"As head of the housing file on the executive committee, I am the first to promote densification. However, I know that it’s not by developing the city just any old way, by playing with the zoning on the sly, that we’re going to develop our city sustainably, even though there are certainly other options that are more conducive for this project. This project is not sustainable development, it’s short-sighted development. And it is the last thing Montreal and the residents of Pierrefonds-Roxboro need right now, the pandemic has highlighted how vital green spaces are to the well-being of Montrealers", continued Robert Beaudry.

"It’s one minute to midnight for this file, since the Pierrefonds-Roxboro borough council could be called upon as early as Monday to rule on the developer’s request for an exemption. To date, Mayor Beis’ comments suggest that his mind is made up, even if he doesn’t dare to say so publicly and is trying to pass the project through the back door. This is frankly deplorable", concluded Robert Beaudry.