A roadmap and a Plan to prepare the recovery from 2021

03 Dec 2020


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A roadmap and plan to prepare the recovery from 2021

Since the beginning of the crisis, the City of Montréal has been at the heart of a constant battle against the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to support Montreal merchants, artists and entrepreneurs who have been hit hard by the health crisis and its aftermath, the City has been agile in providing emergency assistance. While the crisis is far from over, the City is now preparing for Montreal's recovery and is presenting its vision and measures for recovery in 2021.

The City of Montréal's roadmap for recovery, presented by Mayor Valérie Plante and Luc Rabouin (responsible for economic and commercial development on the Executive Committee), was developed in consultation with numerous experts and economic players in Montréal. This roadmap ensures a green and inclusive recovery, $60 million in dedicated funds supporting 10 flagship measures starting in 2021. These elements of the roadmap create an heartening vision for a Montreal of tomorrow.

"Since April, the City has mobilized experts, development organizations and economic players in Montreal to plan for the post-crisis period. The business community, community sectors, academic institutions and the two higher levels of government have agreed to work together for Montreal's future. For a city like Montreal, recovery requires commitment from all sectors, and also from government. I repeat, the City cannot finance the development projects that will be the lifeblood of the recovery on its own. But the City can and must uphold its vision for the territory for which it is responsible, in line with the needs of its citizens and with the ambition of putting the city back on the path to growth," said Mayor Valérie Plante.

Investments of $60 million

As a first step in this recovery plan, which will take shape over a 10-year period beginning in 2021, the city is injecting $60 million to fund 10 recovery measures in support of the most vulnerable sectors, while laying the foundations for a more resilient, greener and more inclusive economy.

1. A strategy for a strong and resilient downtown - $10M

2. A boost to commercial vitality - $12.2 million

3. Increased support for cultural and creative industries - $5.6 million

4. Going green to make the transition a success - $8 million

5. The social economy: An ally for recovery - $6 million

6. Food autonomy and urban agriculture - $5 million

7. Land development at the heart of Montreal's recovery - $4.7 million

8. Innovation for recovery - $3 million

9. Putting people at the heart of our economy - $3.2 million

10. Outreach as the foundation of a world-class metropolis - $2.3 million

"Our plan includes an ambitious strategy for a strong and forward-looking downtown, support measures adapted to weakened sectors, as well as projects promoting an inclusive and sustainable recovery. With people and innovation at the heart of our plans, several initiatives will be deployed to affirm Montreal's leadership in responsible, social and equitable investment for future generations. In short, the actions in this plan lay the foundations for sustainable prosperity and greater resilience for our city," said Luc Rabouin, who is responsible for economic and business development on the Executive Committee.

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