Our ideas

Since 2004, Projet Montréal has been shaping the ideas of tomorrow. With our feet firmly planted in the present and our eyes focused on the future, we are working to make Montréal a better place to live. Boldness, innovation and ambition guide our ideas, projects and achievements.

By putting citizens at the heart of these decisions and by listening to the people of Montreal, Projet Montréal is actively building the society of tomorrow. A clear vision for the future, large-scale projects, a vibrant and safe metropolis - that's what Montrealers deserve. That's what guides us every day.

The strength of Projet Montréal since its founding has undoubtedly been its members. Each, in their own way, has left their mark. It's the members who are the foundation of change and decisions. We are committed to build a city that is written with "we".

We've been in power for five years now. Five years of implementing major transformations in every corner of Montreal. Five years of rethinking ways of doing things to constantly improve. Five years of listening to everyone.

Many ideas drive and guide us:

  • Maintain housing affordability by using the tools at our disposal.

  • Offering neighborhoods that promotes safety and mobility.

  • Put prevention at the heart of our urban intervention model.

  • Invest massively in public transport by developing a structuring network.

  • Promote active mobility through a safe and efficient cycling network and pedestrian facilities.

  • Ensure that our metropolis is inclusive and universally accessible.

  • Promote local business by revitalizing our commercial arteries.

Daring to build the city of tomorrow is what Projet Montréal strives to do every day.