The elected officials of the Verdun borough gather around Projet Montréal

13 Jul 2021


Go back to NewsThe elected officials of the Verdun borough gather around Projet Montréal

The elected officials of the borough of Verdun gather around Projet Montréal, its leader, Valérie Plante, the aspiring mayor of Verdun, Marie-Andrée Mauger, and their values for the November 7 election.

The borough councillor of the Champlain-Île-des-Sœurs district, Véronique Tremblay, elected in 2017 under the banner of Ensemble Montréal, thereby announces her adhesion to Projet Montréal. She will run alongside Marie-Andrée Mauger, candidate for mayor of Verdun, and will be an integral part of a team as strong as it is diverse, formed by Sterling Downey, Myriam Sahi, Benoit Gratton and Enrique Machado.

Marie-Andrée Mauger, a borough councillor since 2013, has also secured the enthusiastic support of borough councillor Pierre L'Heureux in the race for Verdun mayor. Mr. L'Heureux was elected in 2013 and 2017 alongside Denis Coderre. He chose not to run for a third term in November.

Borough councillor Luc Gagnon, elected with Projet Montréal since 2013, as well as councillor Marie-Josée Parent, who was elected in 2017 alongside Denis Coderre but joined Projet Montréal in 2019, also chose not to seek a new term. They both offered their support to Marie-Andrée Mauger, Valérie Plante and Projet Montréal, who praised their important contribution to the Montreal municipal scene.


"Marie-Andrée's leadership, her collaborative approach and the values she brings to the table have convinced Verdun's elected officials that she is the right person to take the reins of the borough on November 7. For us, this has never been in doubt. The population of Verdun deserves a team that listens, that is able to work together for its best interests and that shares its values. Projet Montréal is a unifying party, in which everyone can recognize themselves and make their voice heard. It is with great pride that we welcome councillor Véronique Tremblay and obtain the support of councillor Pierre L'Heureux. This shows that Projet Montréal can unite all those who want to move forward while respecting their values. Verdun will be in good hands in the coming years thanks to the exceptional team that Marie-Andrée Mauger has put together," said Valérie Plante.

"I am very proud of the team we have put together to represent the people of the Verdun borough. This team, which combines experience and fresh blood, is united around the values of respect, work, attentiveness and commitment. Firmly focused on action and public service, our candidates will be able to meet the challenges we face, particularly those related to the fight against climate change and housing, but also local services, which are at the top of the population's priorities. Our team, which has experience in law, marketing, arts and culture, social development, governance, municipal management, finance, urban planning and mobility, is ready to propel Verdun and Nuns' Island, which are already experiencing sustained development and benefiting from exceptional vitality, even further," said Marie-Andrée Mauger.

"Valérie Plante and Marie-Andrée Mauger are unifying leaders. They collaborate with everyone and have strong values that resonate with me. Over the past few months, I have been able to confirm how much my vision for the city contrasts with that of my former party and its leader who, contrary to what he claims, has not changed. I look forward to working more closely with people I share the vision and values, to work truly as a team, in collegiality and with healthy communication. The values of Projet Montréal are the same as those that animate the citizens of my district of Champlain-Île-des-Sœurs. We want quality sports and cultural infrastructures, accessible green spaces and affordable housing. Projet Montréal, Valérie Plante and Marie-Andrée Mauger have the necessary leadership to push these issues forward for the common good," said Véronique Tremblay.