Mont-Royal park - A bigger, greener, safer mountain

13 Sep 2023


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Faced with the need to take ambitious action to protect the most vulnerable, strengthen Mont-Royal's fragile biodiversity and showcase the mountain in the heart of the metropolis, the Ville de Montréal confirms the scenario chosen for the redevelopment of Mont-Royal park.

By 2029, the equivalent of three soccer fields, or 18,000 square metres of green space, will be added to Mont-Royal park. At the same time, Mont-Royal park will cease to be used as a transit route, reinforcing its status as a destination. At present, 85% of the 10,000 vehicles that cross the mountain every day use it as a transit route.

Camillien-Houde Way will be greened and transformed into a large pedestrian promenade, providing an independent, protected space for cyclists. Access for emergency vehicles will also be authorized, ensuring the safety of all visitors at all times.

The existing belvedere will be transformed into a park space to enhance the view, and a brand-new belvedere will be added at the highest point of the Camillien-Houde Way, to offer a breathtaking view of the north of the city. This massive greening of the Camillien-Houde Way will rebalance the use of Olmsted Road, which is at full capacity, while offering pedestrian experiences of the same quality.

To ensure automobile access to the Mountain, which is used by families, visitors and tourists, cars will be able to access the park via Remembrance Road. The two parking lots, located at Beaver Lake and Smith House, will remain accessible, with an increased number of spaces dedicated to families and people with reduced mobility. The STM will also be enhancing its service offering to ensure fast, efficient access to the mountain.

At a time when cities must preserve air quality, active travel is encouraged and the fight against climate change requires ambitious and immediate action, municipalities around the world are taking steps to become more resilient. In addition to enhancing the experience on the Mountain, this expansion of Mount Royal will enable the Quebec metropolis to position itself, like other cities such as New York, San Francisco and Paris, among those that promote safety and the protection of biodiversity in their natural spaces. On the eve of the park's 150th anniversary, this redevelopment plan will make Mont-Royal Park bigger, greener and safer.