For today and for tomorrow - Choosing to move forward with Valérie Plante and the Projet Montréal team

17 Sep 2021


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Together with the team of elected officials and Projet Montréal candidates, the party leader and mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante, stressed in clear terms the choice that will be offered to Montrealers on November 7: move forward or backward. We have to move forward because it pays off," said the leader. Affordable housing, green spaces, the fight against climate change and sustainable mobility are good for Montreal. They are good for the economy and for quality of life. Montreal cannot afford to go backwards with old ideas, embodied by career politicians."

The campaign that begins today is crucial for the future of Montreal. Voters will be able to choose a team, that of Projet Montréal, which proposes a unifying vision, rooted in the reality of today and tomorrow. "Nobody believes that Denis Coderre has changed. He continues to do what he has always done: adjust his discourse to suit the audience he is addressing and promote outdated ideas. We must not go backwards. On November 7, I am confident that Montrealers will choose to continue to move forward with us," said Valérie Plante.

Over the past four years, Valérie Plante's administration has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life for Montrealers. Since 2017, the elected officials of Projet Montréal have enabled:

  • a 16% reduction in taxes for small stores ;
  • the purchase of 300 new buses;
  • a 50% reduction in public transit fares for seniors;
  • a tax freeze in 2021;
  • the development of 12,000 social and affordable housing units;
  • the adoption of the Mixed Metropolis By-law, which guarantees the construction of social, affordable and family housing in Montreal;
  • the adoption of an ambitious Climate Plan;
  • the creation, with the SPVM, of the Team dedicated to the fight against arms trafficking;
  • the addition of 42 staff to the SPVM dedicated to the fight against organized crime;
  • increased funding for community organizations involved in youth violence prevention and urban safety;
  • the implementation of the most important recovery plan ever seen in Quebec's municipal history.

The choices made by Projet Montréal and Valérie Plante have made it possible to respond to the needs and aspirations of Montrealers, and have allowed Montréal to experience the best economic recovery in the country and the second best in North America.

Cities that stand out today and will stand out tomorrow focus on affordable housing, sustainable mobility, a rich neighborhood life and the fight against climate change. This is exactly what Projet Montréal and Valérie Plante have done and will continue to do. Valérie Plante officially launched Projet Montréal's electoral campaign during an important caucus, which highlighted the strength, competence, diversity and energy of her team. Her team is the only one that will enable the metropolis to continue to move forward. Denis Coderre's return to the municipal scene has clarified the choice for Montrealers: choose the future or the past.