30 Oct 2021



In order to offer Montrealers a privileged access to the St. Lawrence River and an exceptional new entrance to the city, Projet Montréal is committed to developing a large riverside promenade on the banks of the river, between the Victoria and Samuel-De Champlain bridges. This project is made possible by the redevelopment of the Bonaventure Expressway, which will be transformed into an urban boulevard by The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Inc. This new development will make it easier and safer to travel to the new waterfront promenade, while revitalizing the Bridge-Bonaventure sector.

The Leader of Projet Montréal, Valérie Plante, and the incumbent mayor of the Sud-Ouest, Benoit Dorais, have indicated that a $10 million budget is dedicated to the creation of this new waterfront promenade, which will include a bicycle path, a pedestrian path, street furniture, unobstructed views of the river, as well as more direct access to the St. Lawrence, thanks in particular to lookouts. The promenade will offer a real postcard view of Montreal.

In order to facilitate and secure travel to the Promenade, the Bonaventure Expressway will be completely redesigned, like Robert-Bourassa Boulevard, in order to become an urban boulevard equipped with pedestrian crossings and traffic lights. The boulevard will be redesigned with a setback to provide the riverfront promenade with better clearance and space for a bicycle path.


"For too long we've forgotten that Montreal is an island. Projet Montréal has always worked to provide Montrealers with more and better access to the water and that is what we will do, this time in the Bridge-Bonaventure sector, between the Victoria and Samuel-De Champlain bridges. It is time to reconnect the city to the St. Lawrence River. The riverfront promenade will offer the population and tourists a privileged view of the St. Lawrence River. This route will contribute directly to the attractiveness of Montreal, to the quality of life of the residents of the sector and will allow us to rediscover what makes our city so special. - Valérie Plante, leader of Projet Montréa

"Our goal is to give back the Bridge-Bonaventure area to Montrealers. To make travel to the new waterfront promenade safer, we will make the Bonaventure Expressway an urban boulevard, in continuity with Robert-Bourassa Boulevard. The new artery will be redesigned to meet today's needs and will integrate the principles of sustainable mobility, ecological transition and citizen ownership. From Point Saint-Charles to the gates of the Old Port, Montrealers will finally be able to enjoy more proximity to the water in complete safety. - Benoit Dorais, incumbent Mayor of the Sud-Ouest Borough