Projet Montréal announces a structuring mobility option for the north of the island of Montréal: the Henri-Bourassa Metrobus

27 Oct 2021


Go back to NewsProjet Montréal announces a structuring mobility option for the north of the island of Montréal: the Henri-Bourassa Metrobus

Today, Projet Montréal has pledged to move forward with a new public transit project that will significantly improve traffic flow and reduce traffic congestion on Henri-Bourassa Boulevard. The creation of the Métrobus Henri-Bourassa, which will run between the Du Ruisseau station of the REM 1.0 and the Montréal-Nord station of the REM de l'Est, will be a fast, frequent and reliable 10 km east-west transportation route for residents living in the north of the island. With more than 60,000 daily public transit trips, it is currently the busiest STM route. It is high time to implement a structuring transportation option for the benefit of all road users.

Initiated by Projet Montréal in its first mandate, the Henri-Bourassa Métrobus project is part of a concerted strategy to open up the northeast of the city, crossing the boroughs of Montréal-Nord, Ahuntsic-Cartierville and Saint-Laurent. Not only will it optimize service for bus users on Henri-Bourassa, but it will also connect the Ruisseau station (REM 1.0) to the Henri-Bourassa metro station (orange line) and then to the Montréal-Nord station (REM de l'Est). It will also connect with the Pie-IX BRT and the ex-Bois-de-Boulogne station.

The Henri-Bourassa Métrobus will therefore be the link between five major lines from west to east. It will contribute to saving time and improving access to the city for residents living in the north of the island.

In concrete terms, the Métrobus Henri-Bourassa is :

  • A structuring means of transportation with a frequency of service comparable to that of a metro;
  • Reserved lanes for buses 24/7;
  • A better access to the city for residents living in the north of the island with a frequent, fast and reliable service linking the Ruisseau station (REM) to the Henri-Bourassa metro (orange line) and to the Montréal-Nord station (REM de l'Est);
  • Comfortable, universally accessible bus stations with pre-paid boarding;
  • An exemplary redevelopment of Henri-Bourassa Boulevard to make more room for public and active transportation as well as greening.


"What we are announcing today is a structuring public transit service that will significantly improve the quality of travel for residents of the north end of the island of Montréal. Thanks to a service whose frequency and speed will be similar to the metro's, to modern facilities and to greening, an entire sector that has been neglected for too long will finally benefit from 21st century infrastructure," said Éric Alan Caldwell, candidate for City Councillor in the Hochelaga district.

"Historically, Montréal-Nord and all of northeast Montréal have been underserved by public transit. It's not just a problem in terms of the efficiency of the system, but more importantly in terms of equity. It's a whole population that doesn't have access to all that Montréal has to offer, or that is deprived of precious time with their families because they have to spend hours on the road. The Métrobus Henri-Bourassa addresses this inequity with a fast and reliable service," said Will Prosper, candidate for Mayor of Montréal-Nord.

"With its eight lanes of traffic, Henri-Bourassa Boulevard creates a real divide in several Ahuntsic-Cartierville neighbourhoods, while carrying far fewer passengers than a metrobus route can. It is time to rethink this artery to make it more efficient and more user-friendly for public and active transportation. The upcoming arrival of the REM creates an opportunity not to be wasted," added Émilie Thuillier, candidate for mayor of Ahuntsic-Cartierville.

"The Henri-Bourassa Métrobus is an essential project for the public transit offer in the borough of Saint-Laurent. It is the entire Dutrisac/Poirier sector that will be served. In the long run, the project will offer a quick and efficient choice to travel from one borough to another and will encourage the people of Saint-Laurent to use public transit more often," said Blaise Guillotte, candidate for mayor of Saint-Laurent.