Board of directors

The Board of Directors of Projet Montréal is the main decision-making body of the party, with the exception of the Members' Convention and the General Council. Its members manage the party's affairs, ensure that decisions made by the membership at executive meetings are implemented, and monitor compliance with the party's rules by staff, elected officials, and activists. Party members, women, young people and people from diverse backgrounds are represented.

To learn more about Projet Montréal's governance, visit our dedicated page.

Members of the Board of Directors

Valérie Plante, Party Leader

Guedwig Bernier, President

Sophie Deleuil-Millette, Vice-President, Policy

Marie-Ève Veilleux, Vice-President, Organization

Ronald Boisrond, Secretary-Treasurer

Mohammad-Afaaq Mansour, Youth Representative

Ana Elvia Mejia, Women's Representative

Karina Borges Thibault, Diversity Representative

Gabriel Bouvier, Member Representative

Pierre Gauthier, Member Representative

Oscar Hernandez, Member Representative

Fadima Touré, Member Representative

Younes Boukala, Elected Representative

Virginie Journeau, elected representative

Éloi Mayano-Vinet, Director General - Observer member