Projet Montréal is proud to stand for inclusion and integrity. To ensure that these values are present in all of our daily activities and communications, we have established a set of policies. These policies come from our members and are regularly updated through our democratic processes.

Equity and Inclusion Policy

Equity and inclusion are values that Projet Montréal holds dear. The party recognizes the importance of ensuring the representation and participation of all Montrealers, regardless of gender, age, origin, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, disability or any other individual characteristic. In accordance with its core values, the PM presents in this Equity and Inclusion Policy a set of guidelines designed to ensure an inclusive and equitable organizational culture.

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Mécanismes de plaintes en vertu des politiques de Projet Montréal

The complaint mechanisms set out in the Harassment Prevention and Intervention Policy, section 3.2, specify the application of the complaint process.

Through these mechanisms, Projet Montréal is responsible for :

  • Ensuring that all parties involved in the handling of a complaint are treated fairly;

  • Ensuring that the person filing a complaint or witnesses are not prejudiced suffer prejudice or retaliation for having filed a complaint in good faith.

  • A complaint deemed to be frivolous, vexatious or made in bad faith will be deemed to contravene contrary to this policy;

  • Recognize that any person alleged to be a victim of harassment has recourse remedies provided by law;

  • Treat all complaints diligently and impartially.

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Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

The Confidentiality and Privacy Policy governs the collection and use of personal data of Projet Montréal members, donors or other contacts by party employees, activists or any other agent who may have access to said data. It complies with the requirements of applicable laws. Projet Montréal is committed to protecting the privacy of its members, donors, volunteers, website users, event participants, petition signers and all citizens.

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