A redesigned Place du Village - A transitional development anchored in its environment

18 Mar 2024


Go back to NewsA redesigned Place du Village - A transitional development anchored in its environmentPerspective of the future public square. Note that the final layout may differ from the image shown (Groupe CNW/Arrondissement de Ville-Marie (Ville de Montréal))

The borough of Ville-Marie unveils images of the future Place du Village, a public space located at the corner of Sainte-Catherine Est and Wolfe. Starting this spring, the neighborhood will enjoy a functional, green space with a clean, sober design: a perfect canvas to evolve according to the needs of the community, and capable of hosting events of all kinds during the summer season, day and night.

With this revamped public square, Ville-Marie is reaffirming the need to create places for gathering and expression, culture and human encounters, thus combining the appropriation and animation of public space with social cohabitation.

"This project is the concrete expression of a shared desire to intervene in the development of public spaces in order to improve the experience of visitors and residents of the Village, as identified in our Collective Intervention Strategy for the Village. It is also part of a series of projects and interventions soon to be unveiled to promote the enhancement of this emblematic Montreal district," commented Robert Beaudry, city councillor for the Saint-Jacques district in the Ville-Marie borough.

A multi-purpose public square, integrated into its environment
Destined to become a permanent public square, this transitional development project proposes a concept distinguished by its simplicity and conviviality. It will fit in perfectly with the pedestrianization of rue Sainte-Catherine Est this summer, creating a natural extension between the artery and the square. The chosen design will also recreate the link between rue Sainte-Catherine Est and rue Atateken, which has been blocked for several years.

To enhance the user experience, colorful bistro tables and chairs will fill the space. The square will also host a container set up as a reception area, offering food and drink. Finally, a diversified cultural program will enliven the square all summer long.

"The redevelopment of Place du Village, the true heart of the neighborhood, is an important step in the revitalization of the Village. The SDC du Village is delighted to see this initiative take shape, and we are convinced that this revitalized public space will strengthen the sense of belonging, promote exchanges within our community and be the scene of a multitude of activities and gatherings for merchants, residents and visitors to the Village," added Gabrielle Rondy, General Manager of the Société de développement commercial (SDC) du Village - Village Montréal.

Ongoing public consultations on the future of the area
A genuine open-air forum for consultation and discussion will be organized here. The entire community will be invited to express its views on the various scenarios envisaged for the redevelopment of the area. Place du Village will thus be the ideal gathering place to pool everyone's ideas.

For further information (page in french): montreal.ca/actualites/la-place-du-village-se-transforme-cet-ete-66313