Development for surfers and kayakers on the river _ Inauguration of the official access to the "Vague à Guy" site

01 Sep 2021

Go back to NewsDevelopment for surfers and kayakers on the river _ Inauguration of the official access to the "Vague à Guy" site

The City of Montreal is proud to inaugurate the development of the "Wave at Guy" in LaSalle. Thanks to an investment of $2 million, the eternal wave in the Lachine Rapids will now include launches and exits for surfing, kayaking and paddle-boarding. This first formal development at the site recognizes its sporting and touristic value while perpetuating a practice that has been enjoyed by athletes for many years.

The investments will allow for easier access for users and will limit the impact on the natural environment, particularly the erosion of the banks. The improvements will increase the attractiveness of the area and allow for a maximum number of people to enjoy it in complete safety.

"We need to take every opportunity to improve access to our city's water and this first formal access to Guy's Wave is a concrete step towards that goal. The development of Guy's Wave is one of many project allowing us to offer Montrealers quality living environments, where it is possible to enjoy nature in the city, while preserving our environment. I invite the entire population to take advantage of the new safe development of this unique site," said Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante.

"We are proud to have contributed funds allowing for La Vague à Guy to follow a layout that respects nature. It is also a gesture that reiterates the commitment of our administration to ensure safe and quality access to public waterfronts. The ambitious climate plan and the historic funding of $16 million will allow us to continue to protect the city's shorelines by moving forward with the first phase of development on early 10 km of shoreline parks in the network of major parks in Montreal. The population's access to water depends on healthy shores and riverbanks and I am very proud that this new development of the Wave at Guy is contributing to this," added Robert Beaudry, who is responsible for property management and planning, housing, large parks and Jean-Drapeau Park on the Executive Committee.

"We like people to feel a sense of ownership over the waterfront. With this new development, they will be able to enjoy their favorite water sport in complete safety. Special attention will be paid to the preservation and enhancement of biodiversity, something that is is very important to our administration. I invite the population to discover or revisit this extraordinary site," added LaSalle Borough Mayor Manon Barbe.

Improving quality of life through accessibility to the St. Lawrence River

The restoration of public shorelines in the network of large parks is one of the concrete actions of the City of Montreal's Climate Plan. The importance of greening, increasing biodiversity and ensuring the sustainability of resources, as well as providing access to sustainable, healthy neighbourhoods is at the heart of the City's priorities. Through its Climate Plan, Montreal will become a more resilient, greener and carbon neutral metropolis.