The City of Montreal signs an agreement to develop an exemplary eco-neighborhood by and for the community

26 Jun 2024


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The City of Montreal is proud to announce that it has entered into an agreement with the Société de développement Écoquartier Louvain (SDÉL) concerning the development and sustainability of this new district in the borough of Ahuntsic-Cartierville.

The purpose of this agreement is to establish the terms and conditions of collaboration between the City and the non-profit organization, the result of citizen and civil society mobilization, for the development and management of the eco-neighborhood. In particular, it aims to ensure :
  • The collaboration of all parties during the development of the eco-neighborhood according to the vision and key concepts established by the agreement;
  • Municipal representation in the eco-neighborhood, by inviting the City to appoint members who will play a direct role in the governance of the SDÉL and the social utility trust to be formed;
  • The establishment of a general framework for future real estate transactions in anticipation of the promises to purchase to be entered into between the parties;
  • Collaboration between the parties once development of the eco-neighborhood is complete.
The 7.7-hectare Louvain Est site is bounded by the Canadian National Railway right-of-way to the north, rue Louvain Est to the south, rue Saint-Hubert to the west and avenue Christophe-Colomb to the east.

The eco-neighborhood project includes the potential for 1,000 permanently affordable housing units, at least 50% of which will be social and community housing, community and institutional facilities, local shops, quality, well-integrated, energy-efficient buildings, areas for market gardening, a public square, green spaces, ecological rainwater management and safety features for users.


"This agreement will enable the development of a complete neighborhood, which aims to ensure the sustainability of non-market housing through the creation of a social utility trust, an innovative solution in the current housing crisis. This is exactly the type of development that will enable us to reach the targets that Chantier Montréal Affordable has set for itself." - Benoit Dorais, vice-president of the executive committee and responsible for housing, real estate strategy, property assessment and legal affairs

"The Louvain eco-neighborhood represents the perfect example of the vision we adhere to for the future of the metropolis, namely a complete neighborhood, where citizens will be able to live, have access to shops, green spaces and which will be a model in terms of ecological transition." - Robert Beaudry, Executive Committee member responsible for urban planning, OCPM and homelessness

"It is with great enthusiasm that we ratified the collaboration agreement between the city and SDÉL. The Louvain eco-district project is the fruit of a long process of citizen mobilization, which is now coming to fruition thanks to this milestone. We can only rejoice, as this step marks a new mode of collaboration with the community that will enable us to guarantee, on a long-term basis, quality, affordable, off-market housing adapted to the needs of the communities in this future exemplary and supportive neighborhood where life will be good." - Émilie Thuillier, Mayor of the Borough of Ahuntsic-Cartierville

"I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Plante, along with Ms. Thuillier, in the summer of 2017. I presented the citizen approach and the ambitious Louvain project. She listened to me, then shook my hand and assured me of her support. And she kept her word! With our agreement today, we seal a long collaboration that can only benefit our community. Thank you very much, Mrs. Plante and Mrs. Thuillier. I'd also like to thank the teams of professionals who worked with us every step of the way to bring this project to fruition. - Carole Brousseau, Chair of the Board, Société de développement Écoquartier Louvain