The campaign of Projet Montréal Verdun takes off

23 Sep 2021


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Projet Montréal's Verdun team is pleased to unveil the key elements of its vision for the municipal elections on November 7.

Alongside mayoral candidate Marie-Andrée Mauger, borough councilor since 2013, the team is committed to supporting a mixed and inclusive living environment with housing and jobs for all profiles, neighborhoods with local businesses and services and a rich and vibrant community life, as well as well-maintained municipal infrastructure.

"I am proud to unveil the DNA of our commitment to our community," said Verdun mayoral candidate Marie-Andrée Mauger.

"My team and I are committed to providing quality services to the entire population, in an environment that promotes the reduction of greenhouse gases and our ecological footprint to ensure our resilience and that of future generations to climate change."

"I am counting on a team with diverse skills, with a wealth of experience in governance, municipal management, education, finance, communications, arts and culture, social development, economic development, urban planning and mobility. Our candidates are ready to face the challenges ahead."

The Projet Montréal Verdun team has been active in the field for several weeks now. On the occasion of the official launch of the election campaign, Marie-Andrée Mauger and her team will meet Verdun residents in a tour of parks in Verdun on September 25 and October 2.

"We are looking forward to talking to you about what's coming up and to hearing your ideas. We look forward to meeting you in a park near you!" concluded Marie-Andrée Mauger.

Some information on the Verdun park tour:

Saturday, September 25

Queen Elizabeth Park: 1pm

Willibrord Park: 3pm

West-Vancouver Park: 5pm

Saturday October 2nd

Wilson Park: 11am

Duquette Park: 1pm

La Fontaine Park: 3pm

Public meetings open to all.

Cancellation in case of rain. Please respect the sanitary rules in effect.

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