The City of Montreal transfers the former Riverside pumping station to Forges of Montreal free of charge

18 Jan 2024


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The Ville de Montréal and Canada Lands Company (CLC) are proud to announce the transfer of the former Riverside Pumping Station to Les Forges de Montréal, an organization dedicated to the education and transmission of the blacksmithing trade and practice. This is the fruit of several years' work and an exemplary collaboration, at the end of which the Forges become full owners of the heritage building that is the former Riverside pumping station, transferred by the City, as well as its land, transferred by CLC.

By transferring this building of exceptional heritage value to Forges de Montréal at no cost, the City is enabling the company to consolidate its activities and ensure the building's preservation, while respecting its heritage character. In this way, Les Forges will contribute to preserving and enhancing the rich industrial and artistic heritage of this key area of the city.

This sale is in line with the city's vision for the development of the Bridge-Bonaventure sector, and marks the first milestone in the creation of the Quartier des artisans in this large area.

Ce geste important s'ajoute aux nombreuses actions déployées par la Ville de Montréal au cours des dernières années pour soutenir les Forges de Montréal, une institution d'importance historique, culturelle et patrimoniale. Rappelons qu'en 2019, la Ville avait modifié le bail de l'organisme afin d'éviter une éviction et qu'une déclaration confirmant les Forges comme patrimoine culturel immatériel a également été adoptée.


"I am delighted to know that we are finally securing the long-term presence of Les Forges de Montréal at 227 Riverside Street, thanks to the transfer of the building and the land on which it stands. The Forges, guardians of the blacksmith's craft, represent a cultural and heritage treasure. This project, the fruit of an exemplary collaboration with Canada Lands Company, testifies to our political will to preserve Montreal's artistic and industrial heritage, and to our remarkable agility in the face of complex challenges. We were keen to enable the Forges de Montréal organization to consolidate its activities. The transfer will enable us to renovate the former Riverside pumping station, while respecting the building's heritage character, and will breathe new life into this emblematic site. Today, we are writing a new chapter for this vital sector of our metropolis."
- Benoit Dorais, vice-chairman of the executive committee, responsible for housing, real estate strategy and legal affairs, and mayor of the Sud-Ouest borough.

"Today, we are once again demonstrating our support for Les Forges de Montréal, which will not only preserve the old Riverside pumping station, but also keep intangible heritage alive by passing on the practice of the blacksmith's trade. Consolidating the activities of this institution, as well as protecting the priceless heritage building that houses it, marks an essential milestone in the development of the Quartier des artisans in the Bridge-Bonaventure sector, bringing our vision for this vital area to fruition. Preserving this industrial heritage, which bears witness to the industrial revolution of the 19th century, is an essential part of our approach. This important transfer is a significant gesture for the future of our metropolis and its heritage.
- Robert Beaudry, responsible for urban planning, citizen participation and democracy on the executive committee of the City of Montreal.

"Canada Lands is proud to have worked in collaboration with Les Forges de Montréal and the Ville de Montréal to finalize the transfer of land to Les Forges. This event marks the beginning of the implementation of what will become the Quartier des artisans, located at the intersection of two strategic sites for the redevelopment of Montréal, which CLC is promoting: the Bassin Wellington and Pointe-du-Moulin/Silo #5."
- Pierre-Marc Mongeau, Vice President, Real Estate (Québec), Canada Lands Company

"The transfer of the former Riverside pumping station to our organization marks the positive outcome of several years of hard work and negotiations, to arrive at this permanent solution, which will ensure our presence in the old station for decades to come. We are grateful for the exemplary collaboration between our organization, CLC and the Ville de Montréal. Finally owning the former pumping station will enable us to preserve and enhance two important elements of Montréal's heritage: a century-old machine building of great interest, and the know-how of a traditional forge - a first in the country. This sale is also the key to securing the financing needed to complete our long-awaited project, the Espace patrimoine de la forge traditionnelle, which will be built in the Quartier des artisans."
- Mathieu Collette, blacksmith and founder of Forges de Montréal