The Borough of Lachine is committed to the prevention of violence committed and suffered by young people

19 Oct 2020


Go back to NewsThe Borough of Lachine is committed to the prevention of violence committed and suffered by young people

The members of the Lachine council have approved a financial contribution of $33,500 to Concert'Action Lachine for the 2020-2022 Youth Violence Prevention Program. The project will be carried out until December 31, 2020, and will be deployed in three components: the deepening of knowledge, the prevention of sexual exploitation and behavioural problems.

"It is our duty to invest in our youth as learning goes beyond school and home. We have a role to play in protecting them, which means providing our organizations with the necessary resources to counteract the violence committed and experienced by youth. Lachine's community organizations will now have more support to carry out their essential roles against bullying, prostitution and the violence that threaten our youth," said Lachine Mayor Maja Vodanovic.

Three areas of intervention

With the pandemic, new youth concerns have been identified by community stakeholders: cyberbullying, anxiety, loitering and the need for parental support. The funding will allow for a more in-depth assessment that will help refine the action plan to be put in place. The project will also equip Lachine community workers to better prevent violence in romantic relationships and to prevent sexual exploitation. Finally, the funding will allow for the development of an "adolescent" component of the Triple P program, in order to help parents better manage their kids' behavioural problems.

For each of these three components, Concert'Action Lachine will work with specialized organizations, namely the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime, L'Anonyme and CASUAL (urban security action committee and holder of the Triple P program in Lachine).

"This funding will allow us to think about structuring projects for the community in terms of preventing violence committed and experienced by youth, but will also allow us to bring in new expertise that we lack locally," mentioned Anne Vandelle, coordinator of CASUAL.

Safe Montreal for Youth

This project is funded by the Safe Kids Montreal program, launched in February 2020 by the City of Montreal's Diversity and Social Inclusion Department. This program has a budget of over $1 million to be invested in local projects that support youth and are adapted to their reality. Projects are selected following a call for projects that was launched in 11 boroughs, including Lachine. "By working in collaboration with community partners, we will be able to contribute to the prevention and reduction of violence committed and experienced by young people in Montreal, while reinforcing their sense of safety. This project is a testament to our commitment to offer local services in collaboration with the community. Concert'Action is our partner of choice to meet the objectives of this program, which allows us to be proactive in offering young people equal opportunities to develop their full potential, in all neighbourhoods," said Rosannie Filato, who is responsible for public safety on the Executive Committee of the City of Montreal.

This project was approved by Lachine's elected officials at the September council meeting. Concert'Action acts as a neighbourhood round table in the borough of Lachine.