Montréal acquiert un terrain pour y développer des logements sociaux et communautaires

02 May 2024


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The Executive Committee of the City of Montreal has approved the acquisition of a vacant lot valued at $846,740 for the development of social and community housing. The land covers an area of approximately 890 m² and is located at the corner of Saint-Ambroise and Saint-Rémi, in the Sud-Ouest borough. The file must now be presented to the agglomeration council.

At the appropriate time, the city will proceed with the resale of the land to an organization committed to developing a social housing project on the site, thereby providing housing for families or individuals in vulnerable situations. This strategy gives an extra boost to housing organizations by enabling them to acquire land at a good price that can quickly be built on.

The future project will be built in a stimulating environment, with private residential development nearby, as well as numerous shops and services, which will help to encourage a mix of activities and social diversity in this part of the city.

"This acquisition is good news for Montrealers in the current housing crisis. The City will enable an organization to acquire the land at a price below market value, which will facilitate the financial package. The acquisition of this land by the City is a concrete result of what is possible thanks to the By-law for a mixed metropolis. It demonstrates its relevance to the creation of housing and contributes to the development of social and community housing on the territory," stated Benoit Dorais, Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Ville de Montréal and responsible for housing, real estate strategy, property assessment and legal affairs.