Over $2 million invested in the social and economic vitality of the Village

16 May 2024


Go back to NewsOver $2 million invested in the social and economic vitality of the Village

On the eve of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, determined to support the Village's community and merchants, and to continue the revitalization of the area, the Mayor of Montreal and of the Borough of Ville-Marie, Valérie Plante, and the City Councillor for the Saint-Jacques district, Robert Beaudry, announced an investment of $2 million to support initiatives aimed at stimulating the social and economic vitality of the Village as part of the Village Strategy.

Surrounded by economic and social partners working in the area, the mayor and local councillor reiterated that the Ville-Marie borough and the Ville de Montréal continue to deploy all measures at their disposal to support community partners and merchants in improving social cohabitation. These measures are part of the Village's Collective Intervention Strategy unveiled in 2023, itself the result of a historic mobilization of all neighborhood players and the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. Occupation of the public domain, cleanliness, animation, police presence and social workers supported by the Ville de Montréal are at the heart of the resources deployed. In concrete terms, these investments will ensure a dynamic summer season on Sainte-Catherine Street East, with the following actions:

  • The redesign of Place du Village, at the corner of Sainte-Catherine Est and Wolfe, which will host a café-terrasse, events and cultural and community activities during the summer season. With an investment of less than $200,000, the borough of Ville-Marie has revamped a central space in the Village, reaffirming its commitment to providing the area with places for gathering, expression and encounters.
  • The launch of a $500,000 local initiative fund dedicated to the Village community. The Ville de Montréal, the Borough of Ville-Marie and PME MTL Centre-Ville are joining forces to support non-profit organizations that wish to carry out projects aimed at, among other things, maintaining the local commercial offer and diversity, promoting the 2SLGBTQIA+ community or creating public spaces in the Village. The first call for projects will be launched in autumn 2024, and private investors can enhance the fund to promote strong socio-economic vitality in the area.
  • Animating the public domain and enhancing the sense of security. The Borough has earmarked more than $450,000 for the animation, development and safety of the Village entrance, Place Émilie-Gamelin and Place du Village. These funds will also be increased by some $895,000 to support initiatives undertaken by the Société de développement du Village.

Aware of the critical issues faced by Village merchants, which are exacerbated by the vulnerability crisis, these measures add to the unprecedented efforts of the Borough and the City of Montreal to enhance the overall experience in the Village, which is a central commercial and tourist destination in the metropolis:

  • An additional $2 million to the Ville-Marie borough's cleanliness budget, renewed in 2024 for operations throughout the territory;
  • The SPVM's reinforced presence in the area through various specialized resources: ECCR, ESUP and EMRII;
  • A team of special constables is on constant patrol at the Berri-UQAM metro station, and the SPVM devotes special attention to this station as well as to Beaudry and Papineau;
  • The introduction of an EMMIS telephone line dedicated to businesses, as well as business visits. This line is in addition to the duo dedicated to the sector.

At the same time, the borough is preparing a consultation process for an art project in the area, supporting the public in collaboration with the new Village citizens' association, and continuing its close collaboration with the community. In addition, a $16 million design contract has just been awarded for the redevelopment of rue Sainte-Catherine Est.


"We're not giving up on the challenges facing the Village and its merchants. We're pulling out all the stops to help the Village make the most of the summer season. Even if we put all our resources at our disposal to take care of everyone and support the merchants, community partners and the population, the public space is neither a hospital, nor a mental health clinic, nor a place for consumption. The vulnerability crisis is hitting cities hard, and to address it in a sustainable way, the city and borough will continue to work closely with the Quebec government to strengthen the care and housing options that must be offered to the vulnerable population," explained the mayor of Montreal and the borough of Ville-Marie, Valérie Plante.

"It's significant to make an announcement like today's, when we're inaugurating Place du Village. We're marking a major turning point in the district by giving impetus and creating a fertile ground for the emergence of initiatives that will contribute to its revitalization. All the actions we've undertaken, including the $2 million investment, will support and amplify the projects arising from the strategy," added Robert Beaudry, city councillor for the Saint-Jacques district in the Ville-Marie borough.

"Village businesses have been facing enormous challenges for several years. This commitment by the Ville-Marie borough to support the Village's vitality is therefore crucial. The creation of a fund dedicated to socio-economic initiatives is excellent news for the area, which needs new addresses that will better meet the needs of residents and visitors, and that will better represent all the sexually and gender-diverse communities that are part of the Village's DNA," added Ms. Gabrielle Rondy, General Manager of the Société de développement commercial (SDC) du Village.

"It is by working collaboratively to implement collective strategies, with the means to match our ambitions, that the Village community will be able to succeed in improving the quality of life of its members," commented Mr. François Bergeron, Executive Director of the CDC.

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