Projet Montréal will enhance the Village and beautify Sainte-Catherine Street East

19 Oct 2021


Go back to NewsProjet Montréal will enhance the Village and beautify Sainte-Catherine Street East

Having at heart the vitality, influence and quality of life of the Village, Projet Montréal is committed to improving the development of Sainte-Catherine Street East and to deploying a strategy to support the development of the Village. This strategy will be broken down into several measures that will affect social, economic and cultural development in the Village.

1. New signature developments on Sainte-Catherine Street East

Projet Montréal is committed to adding greenery, creating meeting spaces with distinctive furniture, securing intersections and developing Sainte-Catherine Street East in order to enhance the pedestrian and commercial experience on the iconic street. To carry out these improvements, we intend to make the most of upcoming renovation work as the underground infrastructures of Sainte-Catherine Street East reach the end of their service life. At an estimated cost of $16.7 million, including surface improvements, the work should take place in the second year of the next mandate, which will allow for consultation activities to be held in collaboration with the SDC in order to determine what the merchants want. The work will be done in a manner that limits construction time and the impact on merchants.

2. Supporting the deployment of new art installations

The Village is one of the largest LGBTQ2+ areas in the world, and its vibrancy attracts millions of visitors each year. Its art installations, such as 18 Shades of Gay, have greatly contributed to lifting the Village to this enviable status. Already collaborating with the Village SDC to this end, Projet Montréal will be there to financially and logistically support the implementation of a new quality installation that will be viable both in summer and winter, which was not the case before, as well as give it an additional added value. A commitment of $650,000 has already been made for this project, which will have to be put together with other private and government partners.

3. Supporting commercial vitality in the Village

In order to enhance the vitality and diversity of the Village, Projet Montréal's team in Ville-Marie will inject an additional $1 million into the local support program for SDCs and business associations in order to finance innovative projects in priority areas such as the Village, and to support incubator space initiatives to host pop-up shops. Other types of projects, cultural or social for example, could also be deployed. Vacant space will be prioritized for this purpose.

4. Strengthen mediation and social intervention efforts

Aware of the presence of many vulnerable people and the issues of cohabitation with residents and merchants, Projet Montréal will enhance specialized resources in the Village to strengthen mediation and social intervention efforts, in particular by deploying a new pilot project for a Mobile Mediation and Social Intervention Team (Équipe mobile de médiation et d'intervention sociale, or ÉMMIS) whose six psychosocial workers will be tasked with acting quickly in the public space to respond to situations of conflict, distress or cohabitation affecting vulnerable people or people in difficulty. An amount of $200,000 has already been allocated for this purpose and Projet Montréal is committed to accelerating its implementation by adding $800,000 annually starting next year. This brigade will be able to collaborate with intake agents put in place by the SDC with the support of our team in Ville-Marie.

5. Encouraging the development of cultural and community initiatives in the Village

Involved in the evolution of various projects to this effect, Projet Montréal intends to support community initiatives such as Espace LGBTQ+, which aims to develop new affordable community spaces for LGBTQ+ organizations, as well as establish a memorial site in the Village. The objective is to support LGBTQ+ organizations and consolidate the sector's vocation in this regard. It is also intended to consolidate its role as a memorial, which is important for the Village as a place of identity in Montréal and Quebec for members of the LGBTQ+ communities.


"The Village is a strong identity of the metropolis that contributes directly to its influence. Projet Montréal will put in place several measures to ensure the quality of life of neighborhood residents, the prosperity of merchants and the beauty of Sainte-Catherine Street. With improved landscaping, street furniture, the deployment of the brand new EMMIS social mediation squad and financial support for the Boules Roses replacement project, Projet Montréal will ensure the future of the Village alongside the SDC." - Valérie Plante

"The Village has been hit hard by the pandemic and our team has been there to offer constant support to the merchants and the entire population, whether it be through the redevelopment of the Parc de l'Espoir, the increase in subsidies granted to the SDC or the cleanliness brigade that we have set up. Over the next four years, Projet Montréal will continue to support all stakeholders in the neighbourhood to make it a signature place in Montréal" - Robert Beaudry, candidate for City Councillor for the Saint-Jacques district