Visitation-Saraguay Promenade: The Thuillier team proposes to create an 11 km pedestrian route

07 Oct 2021


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The Mayor of Ahuntsic-Cartierville, Émilie Thuillier, and the four Projet Montréal candidates for City Councillor in Ahuntsic-Cartierville, Nathalie Goulet, Anne-Marie Kabongo, Julie Roy and Jérôme Normand, presented today an ambitious and inspiring vision to improve the Gouin pathway and promote public access to the waterfront in the borough. Between now and 2025, the Thuillier team is committed to carrying out five developments aimed at creating an uninterrupted, safe and pleasant walking route of more than 11 km crossing the borough from east to west and linking the Ile-de-la-Visitation nature park to the Bois-de-Saraguay nature park.

"Improving public access to the riverbanks is a priority of Projet Montréal and several actions have been taken in this direction at the city level since 2017. In addition, in the context created by the pandemic, the need to provide safe and pleasant walking and running routes has become more important than ever. Therefore, over the next few years, we will proceed with developments that will significantly improve the walking experience on the Gouin Trail in Ahuntsic-Cartierville. The five projects we are presenting today are part of a coherent overall vision. They will be carried out in collaboration with several partners and by involving the population," announced Ms. Thuillier.

The Projet Montréal team is committed to five projects in particular.

1. Redevelopment of Boul. Gouin West in the Saraguay sector

This section of Gouin Boulevard West has long been considered dangerous for all road users, particularly pedestrians and cyclists. The long-awaited redevelopment work, which will begin in 2022, will make it possible to install a sidewalk and a bicycle path protected by a planted median on the north side of Gouin Boulevard West, between Martin Avenue and Toupin Boulevard. Preparatory work for this project is currently underway.

2. Creation of a recreational area in the Parc des Bateliers

Chosen by the population during the second edition of the borough's participatory budget, the "Rendez-vous avec la rivière" project will be carried out in 2022. It involves the installation of an accessible recreational area and the addition of information aimed at raising awareness in the Parc des Bateliers (Gouin and de l'Acadie boulevards).

3. Securing the pedestrian path between the parks of Nicolas-Viel and de la Merci and in de la Merci park

The sidewalk bicycle path that connects Nicolas-Viel and de la Merci parks and the bicycle path shared with pedestrians that passes through de la Merci park do not adequately meet the needs of pedestrians and cyclists, and they generate frequent pedestrian-cyclist conflicts. In order to provide a safe and pleasant pedestrian experience, the Thuillier team is proposing to separate the pedestrian and bicycle routes at these locations. Various options are being considered, on which the institutions along the river and the population of the area will be consulted.

4. Development of the Fort-Lorette site

After acquiring the Fort-Lorette heritage site in 2018 and conducting a public consultation on its development, a Projet Montréal administration will finalize and implement the development plan for the site. A belvedere overlooking the river will be built, as well as trails and interpretation paths, while respecting the archaeological remains which will continue to be excavated.

5. Creation of a riverside promenade linking Louis-Hébert Park to Île-de-la-Visitation nature park

The idea of linking the Ile-de-la-Visitation nature park to Louis-Hébert park by a pedestrian promenade has been put forward by various citizens' groups in the borough, particularly in the context of consultations held for the development of the Fort-Lorette site. Mayor Thuillier and Sault-au-Récollet city councillor Jérôme Normand have discussed the project with several partners, including shoreline property owners, in recent years. The Ahuntsic-Cartierville Borough Council formally supported the project in February 2021. Under a Projet Montréal administration, the city of Montréal and the borough will work with the population of the area, shoreline property owners and other partners to improve public access to the riverbanks by creating a new, safe and universally accessible pedestrian promenade.