Montreal and the Sud-Ouest Borough invest in quality public spaces in Griffintown

15 Feb 2024


Go back to NewsMontreal and the Sud-Ouest Borough invest in quality public spaces in GriffintownGroupe CNW/Ville de Montréal - Cabinet de la mairesse et du comité exécutif

The Executive Committee of the City of Montreal has approved a $30 million investment to develop the Bassin-à-Bois park in the Sud-Ouest borough. The project includes a refrigerated skating rink and a technical pavilion. The park will be a dynamic, multi-purpose public space, offering a variety of activities all year round. It will also provide a valuable link between the Lachine Canal and the Bassins du Nouveau Havre area, in the heart of the Griffintown district.

This project adds to the ongoing efforts of the city and the borough to make Griffintown a complete, lively and welcoming district. In recent years, substantial investments have been made to optimize public and cultural facilities, while enhancing the offer of public spaces:

Development of the Bassin-à-Gravier park;
Development of Place des Arrimeurs;
Development of Place des Débardeurs;
Development of Place des Aiguilleurs;
Redevelopment of numerous streets to promote sustainable mobility.

Added to these developments is support for the MR-63 project at Place William-Dow, a key element of the Cultural Corridor, which will create a sense of belonging in the community around its attractions, which combine culture, art, gastronomy, history, creativity and architecture.

All projects are carried out with the collaboration of local residents, thanks in particular to the Good Neighbor Committee. This committee takes into account the aspirations and concerns of the population, with the aim, among other things, of minimizing any nuisance to their living environment during the various works.

"Over the past few years, we've seen an impressive evolution of Griffintown, thanks to our investments in public services, parks and public spaces, all involving residents. The launch of work on the Bassin-à-Bois park is a continuation of this series of transformations in the area. This project is also a concrete example of our collective aspirations and our commitment to improving services for the local population," emphasized Sud-Ouest Borough Mayor Benoit Dorais.

This neighborhood, built on a structure inherited from a 19th-century industrial district, is destined to be requalified as an inhabited, sustainable and more densely occupied living environment. Ultimately, the Ville de Montréal anticipates the creation of nearly 16,000 new housing units, representing a population increase of almost 25,000 people, as well as the addition of 12 parks and public squares.

The Ville de Montréal is continuing to work with the Quebec government to obtain other infrastructures crucial to a complete neighborhood, such as a school, CLSC and CPE.