A plan for today and tomorrow

06 Oct 2021


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The leader of Projet Montréal, Valérie Plante, unveiled her team's complete electoral platform for the November 7th election. This platform proposes a clear and strong vision, based on the values of Projet Montréal: affordability, sustainable mobility, social inclusion and public safety.

During its first mandate, Projet Montréal made quality of life in the city's neighbourhoods a real economic lever, which today allows the City of Montreal to have the best economic recovery in the country, and the second best in North America. Through its actions, Projet Montréal has set the table to go even further during its next mandate, by directly involving the population in developing the Montreal of today and tomorrow.

The leader of Projet Montréal explained concretely how the 5 planks of the platform are articulated. She was accompanied by Dominique Ollivier, City Council candidate for the district of Vieux-Rosemont and future president of the Executive Committee of the next administration of Projet Montréal; Laurence Lavigne Lalonde, aspiring Borough Mayor for Villeray--Saint-Michel--Parc-Extension; Robert Beaudry, City Council candidate for the district of Saint-Jacques; and Victor Armony, City Council candidate for the district of Snowdon.

Platform Highlights

Among the many actions that will improve the daily lives of its residents, Projet Montréal presents key commitments reflecting the aspirations of the population of Montreal:

Plank 1: The People in Power; An Administration that Listens

  • Implement a participatory budget that will reach $60 million in funds;

  • Multiply initiatives for greater citizen participation and pilot projects;

  • Implement a Service Charter to guarantee quality support from the city administration.

Plank 2: A Roadmap for a Carbon-Neutral Montréal in 2050

  • Continue to improve the public transit network;

  • Accelerate the electrification of transport;

  • Plant 500,000 trees.

Plank 3: Choosing Montreal for the Long Term

  • Build 60,000 affordable housing units;

  • Make riding the STM free for seniors and reduce STM fares by half for teenagers;

  • Rely on community policing to ensure the safety of Montreal's neighbourhoods.

Plank 4: Living Happily in the City

  • Support, improve and green our commercial arteries;

  • Support devitalized neighbourhoods by investing in community facilities and networks, particularly in the North-East of Montréal;

  • Ensure the development of a green space within 15 minutes of any residence.

Plank 5: Unlocking the potential of the metropolis

  • Make the revival of the East-End a main catalyst of the new economy in Montreal and create a Great Eastern Park, by protecting threatened green lands;

  • Continue to assume the role of Quebec's metropolis on the international scene and in Quebec, by multiplying partnerships and promoting the French language;

  • Continue to position Montreal as a key tourist destination, notably by supporting the gastronomy sector and festivals.

With the experience gained over the past four years and the mobilization of a new generation of candidates, Projet Montréal is ready to begin work on Day 1 of the next mandate.


"Projet Montréal's 2021 platform reflects a clear and coherent vision for our city's future and the aspirations of Montrealers, for today and tomorrow. With Projet Montréal, Montreal's quality of life, affordability, safety and ecological resilience will continue to set the city apart and attract tourists, investors, jobs and students." - Valérie Plante, leader of Projet Montréal.

"One of the fundamental conditions for citizen involvement is social inclusion and the reducing of inequalities. By ensuring equitable access to infrastructure and community facilities in all neighbourhoods, by doubling the budgetary envelope for the fight against homelessness and by focusing on the inclusion of the entire population in future projects, Projet Montréal confirms that the city is an 'Us' not a 'Me'." - Dominique Ollivier, City Council candidate for the district of Vieux-Rosemont and future president of the executive committee of the next Projet Montréal administration

"Thanks to the work of our team, Montreal has become a leader in the ecological transition and the fight against climate change. Projet Montréal has never been afraid to innovate, notably by adopting the By-law to ban single-use plastics, a strategy for the electrification of transport, and the adoption of a Climate Plan that has been applauded by international experts. We will go even further to ensure that our children -and those who will follow them- have a healthy city to live in. - Laurence Lavigne Lalonde, aspiring mayor of Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension

"Projet Montréal proposes a clear vision to make Montreal a city where families, the middle class and seniors can settle, work and grow older. During our first mandate, we have taken unprecedented action to ensure access to healthy, quality housing that respects people's pocketbooks. Our platform contains concrete commitments that will allow us to improve the supply of social and affordable housing." - Robert Beaudry, City Council candidate for the District of Saint-Jacques

"Public safety is a priority for our team. We are committed to providing Montrealers with safe neighbourhoods in the short, medium, and long term. And we have a $110 million plan to make it happen. Our commitment to public safety and crime fighting will allow us to rely on proactive and vigilant community policing, while offering a social and non-repressive response to marginalized or people in distress." - Victor Armony, City Council candidate for the Snowdon district.

To consult the complete 2021 Projet Montréal platform, visit: plateforme.projetmontreal.org (FR) or platform.projetmontreal.org (EN).