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When the Tremblay-Applebaum administration presented the traffic plan around the future MUHC, Peter McQueen was concerned about the consequences it would have on the lives of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce residents. A father of three and a resident of the Saint-Raymond neighbourhood, the activist noticed the plan included an additional highway exit that would divert local traffic and bus routes, and even cross a bicycle path. Peter informed the neighbourhood and mobilized the community to turn things around and modify the plans. Initially a candidate for the Green Party of Quebec, ""Green McQueen"" ran with Projet Montréal in 2009 to unseat then-councillor Marcel Tremblay. Peter won his bid and was elected city councillor of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

In his first term, Peter sat as Second Official Opposition, where the Projet Montréal team denounced the incompetence and corruption of the administration at the time. In 2013, his local opponent was Mélanie Joly's running mate; Peter's victory kept the future minister out of city council, and indirectly allowed Projet Montréal to gain visibility... and eventually win city hall in 2017.

Peter's third term coincided with Projet Montréal’s mandate at City Hall, and more responsibilities. He sits on the Agglomeration Council, the Finance and Administration Commission, the Transportation and Public Works Commission, and acts as the Council Chair. In his district, Peter has been taking concrete action from day one. Improvements to public transit since 2009 include more buses on the road, a dedicated lane on Sherbrooke Street, and the redevelopment of the Vendome metro station to make it universally accessible. There are more bike lanes in the borough since Peter's arrival, and safety enhanced with the addition of mandatory stops, and adjustments to traffic signals to permit cyclists and pedestrians to cross more comfortably.

Peter is probably the only elected official in Montreal to have suffered a microburst during his term! On August 22, 2017, dozens of trees were damaged or destroyed in a matter of seconds in and around Girouard Park; Peter is helping to rehabilitate the park with the renovation of the chalet (creating a meeting place for community groups) and the revitalization of Vimy Square, south of the park, in honour of veterans.

A hands-on guy, Peter is everywhere in NDG, whether it's on his bike or his cross-country skis! Open to discussion, listening to the concerns of his fellow citizens, Peter has established a lasting dialogue with the community with the sole objective of moving NDG towards a more equal and greener future... the word of a ""Green McQueen""!

Peter McQueen
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Under the unifying and inclusive leadership of Gracia Kasoki Katahwa, the vision of the Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough will be refocused on the well-being of families, the revitalization and greening of our streets, and the revitalization of commercial arteries to offer the population an inclusive, safe and pleasant neighbourhood. Access to housing, sustainable modes of transportation and transparency are at the heart of our priorities. By drawing on the seasoned experience of Magda Popeanu and Peter McQueen, and the fresh perspective of our dynamic team: Despina Sourias, Victor Armony and Jérémie Alarco, we are offering the borough’s residents a renewed vision of a neighbourhood on a human scale.

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