Valérie Plante

Mayor of Montréal and Leader of Projet Montréal

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For Today and for Tomorrow

Four years ago, Montrealers trusted us to guide the development of their city. The population chose boldness, ambition and modernity.

This time, the choice is either to continue moving forward or to choose to go backwards. Choose the future or the past. It's as simple as that.

Since 2017, our team has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life of Montrealers. This has included the creation of the Grand Parc de l'Ouest, the largest urban park in Canada, the purchase of 300 new buses to put an end to the sardine class, and the development of 12,000 social and affordable housing.units. We also made sure to support local business by reducing taxes for small businesses by 16%. Today, with the climate emergency more real than ever, Projet Montréal is responding with a Climate Plan that meets the challenges.

Our success is not the result of chance, but it is thanks to the choices we have made. Cities that stand out today and will stand out tomorrow focus on affordable housing, sustainable mobility, a quality neighborhood life and the fight against climate change.

That's exactly what we have done and what we must continue to do. It is clear that it is paying off! The proof: is that Montreal has the best economic recovery in the country and the second best in North America.

You can count on us to continue on this path, with a renewed team that is representative of the Montreal of today and tomorrow. Whether it's affordable housing, development of green spaces or the fight against climate change, we will continue to defend the interests of Montrealers. We will do it with a clear and concrete vision. This is the commitment we are making.

We must not go backwards and choose ideas from the past. Montrealers deserve an ambitious team that is not afraid to move forward. That team is ours!

See you in your neighbourhood very soon!

Valérie Plante
Leader of Projet Montréal

Valerie Plante