110 million to continue to ensure the safety of Montreal's neighbourhoods

25 Sep 2021


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Valérie Plante, the leader of Projet Montréal , has once again demonstrated that security is at the heart of her priorities by unveiling a $110 million plan to ensure the safety of Montrealers.

  • The plan will make it possible to continue to fight against armed violence and criminal groups, while improving prevention and psychosocial intervention services throughout the territory. The various actions put in place by the Projet Montréal team are bearing fruit and need to be secured and improved. Therefore, Projet Montréal is committed to :
  • perpetuating the additional funding granted to public security with an envelope of $110 million during the next mandate of Projet Montréal; to support the fight against armed violence, criminal groups, and ensure the safety of Montreal 's neighborhoods;
  • Encouraging police officers to stay for at least three years in their neighbourhood police station, in order to promote proximity with the communities they serve and collaboration with community and institutional organizations in their sectors; when renewing the collective agreement.
  • Investing an additional $15 million over 4 years to deploy the Mobile Mediation and Social Intervention Team (ÉMMIS) in all boroughs; a fully civilian team that responds to crisis, distress or cohabitation situations involving marginalized people or people in difficulty in the public space. The ÉMMIS pilot project deployed in Ville-Marie will be expanded throughout the territory, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Create an emergency fund of $15 million over 4 years that will allow us to respond quickly to any urgent need, in addition to supporting the various mixed patrols of the SPVM that do essential work on the ground.

Montreal is a safe city and Projet Montréal has improved the budget of the SPVM during its mandate, to provide it with the necessary resources to carry out its actions, particularly in the fight against firearms and organized crime.

Projet Montréal is committed, for the next four years, to maintain this additional funding and to continue working on offering the population a safer city. Projet Montréal is the only team that proposes a fully comprehensive plan for public safety that will make a difference for today and tomorrow.


"We have acted forcefully over the past four years, and we have achieved tangible results. Today, we are proposing a clear plan with a $110 million budget to continue fighting gun violence, criminal groups and ensure the safety of Montreal's neighbourhoods. We are fortunate to live in a safe city, and we are giving ourselves the means to continue our successful actions, while promoting proximity between the population and the police. We know that security is one of the main concerns of the population and we are the only team to have a precise and credible plan on this topic. - Valérie Plante

"Over the past four years, Projet Montréal has increased the SPVM's budget, particularly in the fight against firearms and organized crime, and this additional funding will be maintained during the next mandate. Our efforts are bearing fruit, as demonstrated by the seizure of more than 350 weapons since the beginning of the year and arrests within criminal groups." - Caroline Bourgeois, mayoral candidate for Rivière-des-Prairies-Pointe-aux-Trembles

"Public safety issues are complex and require a comprehensive and long-term vision based on concrete, coherent and sustained measures. For this, we need an agile, modern and efficient police service, which has the means to ensure the safety of the population. The plan proposed by Projet Montréal will enable us to respond to the concerns of the population, to count on a proactive and vigilant police force in the face of crime, and to offer a social and non-repressive response to marginalized people or those in distress." - Victor Armony, candidate for City Councillor in the Snowdon district